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Halloween Week On Unknown Country: Good News For Vampires? Bespoke Blood May Soon Be Possible

We are all programmed to have strong reactions to the vivid color of the life-giving fluid that runs through our veins. For some, it is a morbid fascination that causes them to watch horror movies, but for others it evokes terror and can often have a deeply profound effect when witnessed; phobia of blood is very common and can cause fainting in...
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Weekender: Organ donations - A Slice of Someone Else's Life?

In a world where our ability to play "make do and mend" with the human body seems to increase on a daily basis, Unknown Country looks at the subject of organ donation and its potential physical, mental and even spiritual impacts.
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Weekender: Bloodlines - The Case for Vampires

In many cultures, blood is considered to be the equivalent of the sacred life force, explaining its use in many historic religious rituals and ceremonies. In myths and legends, vampires were said to utilise the power of human blood, drinking large quantities from their living victims in order to obtain their life energy. Young virgins were said to...
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Medical Miracle

Christmas is the time to contemplate miracles and medicine has come up with a big one. After major accidents, we're all used to hearing calls from blood donors on the radio, especially those with rare blood types. But this wouldn't be such a problem if we could get blood...
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Now We Can CREATE Blood

No more matching blood types for transfusions - Sometimes, before an operation, the patient who is about to go under the scalpel is asked to give blood, so the surgeon knows the right blood type will be available, if needed. Some people are frightened of blood transfusions, because they have transmitted AIDS and Mad Cow Disease...

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