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Close Call!

It's happening again--but this time it WAS a piece of metal. A mysterious piece of metal weighing about 5 pounds suddenly crashed through the roof of a furniture warehouse in the Boston area. The FAA looked at it and says it didn't come from an airplane. Luckily, no one was...
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Meteorite Crashes into Car

We've reported on meteors have crashed through the roofs of houses and even almost hit people. Recently, in Delaware, a hunk of hot space metal crashed through the roof of an S.U.V.!

In the Delaware News Journal, Alan J. McCombs writes about an object that, despite being small (16 inches), "sliced like butter" through the roof of an S.U....

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Another Ice Block Falls to Earth

We regularly report on the global warming phenomenon of big blocks of ice falling from the sky?something which has been reported on local news outlets for years, but which the national media does not seem to have noticed yet. Now a TV station in Modesto, California reports that on August 20, a block of ice the size of a bowling ball crashed...

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What are Chemtrails?

To some extent, what are called "chemtrails" are caused by global warming, since the stratosphere, where planes fly, is getting colder, now that greenhouse gasses are trapping warmth in the troposphere, just below it. This causes jet contrails to freeze, so they remain visible for longer periods of time. Instead of dissipating harmlessly, some...

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Huge Ice Blocks Falling from Sky

Huge blocks of ice are still falling from the sky and they're still being blamed on passing airplanes, even though we have shown that they are actually caused by global warming. This has happened twice so far this year in the Philadelphia area.

A family was woken up suddenly on February 22 by a giant block of ice that crashed through the...

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Ice Block Crushes Car

There has been yet another mysterious ice fall, this time in Florida, and this time it crushed a car. Given the fact that these incidents are now being recorded with such regularity, it seems only a question of before death or injury results from an a block of ice falling from the sky due to global warming. What the local Fox news channel...

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Mysterious Ice Blocks Continue to Fall From the Sky

For years, huge blocks of ice have been slamming to earth worldwide. It's usually assumed that these come from airplanes, although this has been disproved over and over again, and each incident is treated by the local media in the area where the ice falls as unique and not related to the other cases. The truth is that these are probably an...

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Mystery Object Crashes Through Roof

An object about the size of a golf ball and weighing 13 ounces crashed through the roof of a Monmouth, NJ home at approximately 9PM local time on Tuesday. The object was tested by the Monmouth County Office of Emergency Management and found not to be a radiation hazard. The FAA determined that it was not metallic debris from an airplane. The...

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Another Falling Ice Block

Once again, a huge block of ice has suddenly fallen from the sky, this time in Atlantic City, startling and confusing residents and?once again?leading to a promise of an FAA investigation.

Michael Pritchard writes in The Press of Atlantic city that residents of Brigantine, a suburb of Atlantic City, were outside in their yard when they...

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Dangerous Ice Blocks Again Falling from Sky

The mystery offalling blocksof ice continues. As always, reporters of the most recentevent have no idea that this is a worldwide, recurringphenomenon, and that it is most likely caused by atmosphericchanges related to global warming.

Mile Frazier of the Illinois Herald-Review reports that agiant ice block fell from the sky into the back...

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