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The Blind May See Again

"Three Blind Mice" is an old children's tune, but a team of scientists have taken it seriously: they discovered a chemical that temporarily restores some vision to blind mice. This could someday allow people with degenerative blindness to see again.

Because the chemical eventually wears off, it may offer a safer alternative...
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The force of a champagne cork can shatter glass--and it can also seriously injure your eye.

Warm bottles of champagne and improper cork-removal techniques cause serious, potentially blinding eye injuries each year. Champagne bottles contain pressure as high as 90 pounds per square inch--more than the pressure found inside a typical...
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Reading Blind

Anne Strieber learned that we use a specific part of the brain to tell time. A new study finds that the part of the brain we use for reading doesn't require vision at all: Brain imaging studies of...
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A Blind Man Can See

"Blindsight" is the ability that some blind people have to sense things that they can't see. Here's something amazing: One blind man, known only as "TN," proved that he can find his way around obstacles in his way, even though he is totally blind. He can also "sense" emotions such as fear, anger and joy in other people, even though he can't...

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How Blind People Find Their Way Through a Maze

Do the blind dream in images? A blind man CAN navigate through a maze, using his sense of intuition. And facial expressions of joy and defeat are the same for both blind and sighted people, despite the fact that the blind have never seen them.

Researchers are studying a man who was blinded by a stroke but who is able to walk around...

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Music of the Blind

People who become blind early in life often develop greatmusical ability because they depend more on sound. RayCharles and Stevie Wonder are examples of this.

Researcher Pascal Belin asked 26 blind and sighted adults,ages 21 to 46, to judge whether two sounds were rising orfalling in pitch. Some of the blind people had lost theirsight...

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You Can Be Blind & Not Know It

New technology shows that people often see much less of what?s around them than they think. Tests show subjects miss even major events that happen right before their eyes. This may be one reason why police find eye witnesses so unreliable. During the recent D.C. area sniper spree by John Lee Malvo and John Allen Muhammad, witnesses said they...

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The Lame Shall Walk & the Blind Shall See

A team led by Solon Thanos at the University of M

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