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British Company Produces "Alien" Black Material

The unseen is always mysterious, but a British company has now developed the "un-seeable", a black material that is so dense it is totally incomprehensible to the human eye.

The new record-breaking "alien" fabric is 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, and absorbs all visual light bar an infinitesimal 0.035 per...
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Same Company Behind NY & London Blackouts

After the Northeastern blackout, we quoted author Greg Palast, who blamed it on NiMo, the merger between Niagara Mohawk and the English company National Grid. Due to recent deregulation, they no longer have to maintain the vast Northeast power grid to earlier standards. Last week, there was a blackout in London, and guess what company controls...

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Psychic Says Blackout was Teen Prank

Al-Qaeda has claimed they caused the recent blackout in the Northeast. But Elizabeth Baron who is a psychic, says, "No one will believe this but this is the work of a 15-year-old boy with the mind of a genius with the computer."

She claims the boy lives in Canada and says, "He has studied so much about electricity and how it works across...

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Al-Qaeda Says They Caused Blackout

On August 15, our lead story asked the question, Was Blackout Due to Nuke Plant Sabotage? Now Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for last week's power blackout in the Northeast.

They claim to have hit two major power plants, but won't reveal how they did it. Al-Qaeda says, "We heard amazing statements made by the American and Canadian...

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Blackouts: What Will Happen in the Future

"We're a superpower with a third world grid," said former energy secretary Bill Richardson in an interview on CNN. Third world countries can't figure out why Thursday's power blackout spread so wide and lasted so long. They have blackouts all the time and recover much more quickly. As the world heats up, we're likely to have more blackouts too...

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The Power Grid That Failed

It's now thought that last week's blackout started in Ohio, but the real question is, why did it spread so far and wide? In 2002, the British company National Grid merged with Niagara Mohawk to create "NiMo," the 9th largest utility in the U.S., serving 3.3 million people in the New England/New York area. Is this the grid that failed? Author...

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Was Blackout Due to Nuke Plant Sabotage?

The great blackout of 2003 should not have been possible, and power officials did not believe it could happen before it did. Canadian Broadcasting Corp. Radio One stated that the problem began with a disruption at a nuclear power plant in Pennsylvania, while President Bush speculated that the cause might have been a lightning strike at a power...

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Blackouts to Spread this Summer: NY Next?

New York could be the next American city to experience electricity blackouts, as the power crisis spreads East from California. Power managers in Boston and other New England cities said they could keep the power running through the summer unless an especially hot summer caused customers to use more air conditioning that usual.

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