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Enigma of Black Holes Finally Solved: They Do Not Exist, Say Scientists

Black holes are possibly one of the most mysterious and unfathomable entities in the known universe. They are generally considered to be black, dense bodies of matter with a gravitational pull that is so strong that even light itself cannot escape their unrelenting grasp.

But, in the largely uncharted environment of deep space, our...
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Space Travel Through Black Holes

Black holes may enable us to travel to different universes. Physicist Lior Burko says travel through a black hole is theoretically possible, despite the fact that most scientists think the holes would destroy a spacecraft. But Burko says not all black holes are alike.

Black holes are invisible pits of gravity that have no surface, but...

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Massive Black Hole at Center of Galaxy

A supermassive black hole is at the center of our Milky Way galaxy that has a mass 3.7 million times that of the Sun. Like all black holes, it has a strong gravitational attraction that sucks in all matter that comes too close?including light. There is evidence that most galaxies have black holes at the center, just like ours. Until recently,...

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