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Weekender: Black Holes to Rip Galaxy Apart--or has It Already Happened?

Two supermassive black holes are circlling each other--or they were, a million years ago, in a galaxy far away. In all probability, that galaxy is now being torn apart by the titanic equivalent of 100 million supernovas. So, did any civilizations experience the end of their worlds in that galaxy? If so, they would have been able to calculate...
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British Company Produces "Alien" Black Material

The unseen is always mysterious, but a British company has now developed the "un-seeable", a black material that is so dense it is totally incomprehensible to the human eye.

The new record-breaking "alien" fabric is 10,000 times thinner than a human hair, and absorbs all visual light bar an infinitesimal 0.035 per...
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Travel to the Stars May be Much Closer than Previously Thought

The speed of light may be the key to our getting off this planet. NASA physicist Harold G. White and his team are trying to determine whether faster-than-light travel--a "Star Trek"-type warp drive--might someday be possible (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). In the July 23rd edition of the New York Times, Danny Hakim...
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When a Star Screams

Ever heard a star scream? Astrophysicists have detected the oscillating signal that heralds the last gasps of a star being sucked up by a previously dormant supermassive black hole.

The "screams," scientifically known as "quasiperiodic oscillations," occurred steadily every 200 seconds, but occasionally...
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Black Holes Mean a Permanent Exit

A black hole is a region in space where the pull of gravity is so strong that nothing, not even light, can escape. Black holes billions of times bigger sive than our sun may be at the heart of most galaxies, and astronomers have now discovered one in the center of a galaxy 50 million light years away that contains the mass of 6 billion suns--and...
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When Stars Explode

When stars explode they become brilliant supernova for a short time, then they may undergo a sudden gravitational collapse into a neutron star or black hole, Astronomers are trying to catch glimpses of this happening, in case it happens to us...
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When Time Stands Still

We're just starting to understand WHAT black holes are and HOW they are created. Scientists now suspect that at the end of this process of creation, time becomes "bent," meaning it actually STOPS. The future of...
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Diamond in the Sky

Astronomers are making wondrous new discoveries every day. A new study from NASA tells scientists how often the biggest black holes have been active over the last few billion years. This discovery could have implications for how the giant black hole at the center of the Milky Way will...
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Our Universe: Born in a Black Hole?

New evidence about the origin of our universe suggests that time was created from the black hole in which it was born. In fact, our universe may be the inside of a black hole that exists in ANOTHER universe. This could be why we seem to be so alone (or are we?)

Technology Review website quotes physicist Nikodem Poplawski as saying (about...

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Dark Energy Danger

There is a gigantic black hole at the center of our galaxy. Will it someday suck us into it?

Black holes have so much gravity that nothing, not even light, can escape them. This one is 4 million times bigger than the sun. Astronomer Robert Massey says that galaxies like ours actually like to form around black holes. In BBC News, Pallab...

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Is This the Way the World Will End?

And will it end this summer? - The $8 billion CERN particle accelerator which is being developed 300 feet underground in a 17-mile-long circular tunnel on the border between France and Switzerland. When it?s turned on this summer, it will send particles crashing into each other close to the speed of light, creating energy more...

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Black Hole Machine?Is It Dangerous?

The world's most powerful atomic particle accelerator will start functioning around 6 months from now. It's capable of creating a black hole every second. Since black holes suck up planets, is this dangerous? Scientists reassure us that it's not?but then, they've recently steered us wrong about other dangers as well.

The Large Hadron...

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How the World Will End

In the Guardian, reporter Kate Ravilious asked 10 scientists to name the biggest danger to human life on Earth. Some of them say we'll go out with a bang, others say Earth will have a slow lingering end. Still other scientists say we'll solve our problems by evolving into a new species.

According to British astronomer royal Martin Rees...

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Mysterious Black Holes Suck Up Matter

Newswise - Black holes in space are a mystery. Astrophysicists believed they can swallow up nearby matter, but until recently, theyhaven't understood what draws matter close to black holes inthe first place. Want to understand black holes? The bestway to do it is to create one.

It's always been assumed that when matter...

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Gigantic Cosmic Explosion Discovered

?In the universe, that is. U.S. scientists say they?vedetected the largest explosion that?s ever been seen in theuniverse. It?s as if 300 suns suddenly got sucked into ablack hole.

It?s nothing new?Agence France-Presse says it?s been goingon for 100 million years, but we?ve just never seen itbefore. The discovery was made by NASA?s...

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