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Does Birth Control Save Lives?

A major UK medical journal says that the birth control pill should be available to women without a prescription, since it has been shown to prevent deaths from ovarian cancer. Another British medical journal is investigating whether consistent condom use can reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections other than HIV.

In the...

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Male Birth Control? Women Keep Hoping!

Women are growing tired of being the ones responsible for birth control and keep hoping that male birth control will soon become a reality. That day may be drawing closer.

Researcher John Herr has discovered new protein within a sperm's tail that could prove a key target for male contraceptive drugs. He says, "One approach to male...

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Birth Control for Men (Cont.)

Over the years, we?ve regularly reported on the progress of every woman?s dream: a birth control pill for men. This new day may be dawning soon.

Jeanna Bryner writes in that researchers have discovered that male mice that have been bred without a certain protein, which is also found in human males, have reduced fertility...

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