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Mystery Disease in China

Chinese authorities report that a mystery disease has killed17 people from villages around Ziyang and Neijiang. Atpresent, 12 more people are in critical condition and 27 arestable. 2 have recovered.

It appears that all of the farmers had butchered sick pigsor sheep before coming down with the illness.

The World Health...

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Bird Flu Found on Duck Farm in Upstate New York

One of the first cases of bird flu in poultry in the UnitedStates has been found in ducks living on a pond in New YorkState. This has caused South Korea to halt the importationof poultry from New York. Bird flu originated and isepidemic in Asia. While the strain of bird flu infecting theducks is not a virus that can infect humans, it...

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Will We Have Bird Flu Vaccine Before We Desperately Need It?

The news about bird flu is getting scarier every day. Rightnow it?s confined to Asia, but like SARS, it will travel towhere you are soon. Researchers now think there are definitecases of one person passing it to another, meaning it couldcause an epidemic that will rival the flu pandemic of 1918.Scientists are concerned that it will take too...

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