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Unexplained Bird deaths Continue Across the U.S.A.

Unknown Country has previously reported unexplained mass extinction-style events occurring in fish and other marine life (see Rivers of Death and Silent Seas), but the phenomenon also appears to be spreading to our bird life.

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Bird Flu Season Again

Many of us tend to ignore these warnings, since they turned out to be a sort of false alarm last time. Asians get bird flu directly from the ducks and geese they keep in cages, before they're...
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Scientists Engineer Bird Flu as Potential Weapon

The swine flu scare may have been a gigantic hoax, but what about bird flu? It seems to have never materialized either. In order to study the disease, two teams of...
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Bird Flu: Back in the News

The great fear about bird flu is that the virus will mutate, so that it can pass between humans (the way regular flu does) and not just between poultry and people. A father in China has been diagnosed with bird flu that he probably caught from his sick son. But this MAY be because they share the same genes!

Researchers note that the...

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Has Bird Flu Arrived in New Jersey?

UPDATE - A Continental Airlines jet touched down at Newark Airport earlier today with 280 passengers aboard, 85 of whom had taken a river cruise in China and appeared to be sick with a flu-like disease. Has bird flu arrived in New Jersey? UPDATE: On, Katy Byron quotes Dennis Quinton of the New Jersey Dept. of Homeland...

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Can You Get Bird Flu from Eating Turkey?

Two years ago, the dreaded bird flu arrived in the UK along with a parrot imported from South America. Now bird flu has been found there on a turkey farm.

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Can You Catch Bird Flu on an Airplane?

It may be safe to travel to countries (mostly in Asia) that have bird flu, but it's not necessarily safe to travel on an airplane with people who have it!

Viruses are easily passed around in the confined air of an aircraft, and an a team of researchers has constructed a model that predicts how an emerging pandemic influenza might spread...

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Dangerous Accident in a Bird Flu Lab

Scientists are working hard to learn the secrets of bird flu?before it takes us by surprise. But the virus could enter the population from the scientists themselves, if we aren?t careful. For instance, a lab in Texas recently almost leaked the deadly bird flu virus out into the environment.

Last April, a researcher at a lab at the...

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More Signs of Bird Flu?

We recently reported on hundreds of dead birds being found on the ground, and even hanging from the trees, in Australia and various cities in the US. Now even more of them are showing up in Australia. reports that yet another 200 dead birds have been found in Australia, making the number of mysterious bird deaths close to 4,...

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Thousands of Birds Fall from the Sky

Strange bird deaths continue, this time with thousands of them falling out of the sky in Esperance, Australia.

In, Amanda O'Brien quotes conservation official Mike Fitzgerald as saying, "It's very substantial. We estimate several thousand birds are dead, although we don't have a clear number because of the large...

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It's Safe to Travel to Countries That Have Bird Flu

Is it safe to travel to places that have reported cases of bird flu? Is there a danger that a traveler might bring this disease back home?

At least 17 major outbreaks of avian flu strains have resulted in the deaths of millions of birds. The 1997 outbreak in Hong Kong also led to transmission to humans. Since 1997, the World Health...

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Has Bird Flu Reached Maine?and Texas?

A recent spate of strange bird deaths have increased worries about the possible pandemic of bird flu. On January 8, police in Austin Texas shut down a central area of the city after dozens of birds were found dead in the streets. The dead birds were pigeons, sparrows and grackles, which all are birds known to be affected by the bird flu virus,...

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Bird Flu May Come from Alaska

Here at, we bring you regular reports about bird flu?and also about Alaska. Now it turns out that one of the most dangerous bird flu threats is coming FROM that state.

Jia-Rui Chong writes in the Sunday, October 22 Los Angeles Times that members of an isolated Alaskan native tribe called the Yup'iks are receiving...

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Why Bird Flu is Such a Threat

Scientists who are warning us about a possible bird flu epidemic are comparing it with the 1918 Spanish flu influenza epidemic which killed somewhere between 40 and 100 million people worldwide during the 18 months it lasted. Researchers are analyzing that virus to try to figure out why it was so lethal. Other researchers have discovered a...

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One Way to Defeat Bird Flu

Sometimes we discover the information we're looking for by accident, while we're searching for something else. A detailed analysis of flu patterns shows that the sharp dip in air travel after 911 slowed the spread of flu and delayed the beginning of the 2001-2002 US flu season. If there's a bird flu epidemic, would it be a good idea to curtail...

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Tracking Bird Flu

Wearing light solar-powered GPS satellite transmitters, wild swans from Mongolia are flying across Eurasia, scientists below them are tracking their journeys on computers in order to figure out how wild birds may be involved in the spread of bird flu.

This research, being carried out by US and international groups of scientists, is...

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GOOD News About Bird Flu

We recently gave you an update on the latest information about bird flu. There's some good news from researchers who are working hard to create a vaccine against the H5N1 bird flu virus, which is the kind that attacks humans: It turns out that combining genes from H5N1 with genes from a common flu virus DOES NOT seem to create a deadly strain...

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The Latest on Bird Flu

Indonesia is currently the country that is the most affected by bird flu. So far, there is no concrete evidence that the virus is passing from person to person, but poultry infected with the disease have been found in almost every one of the country?s provinces and the 44 human deaths from the disease are spread evenly across the country. Has...

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Secret Bird Flu Death Discovered in China

Three years ago, China officially denied that the SARS epidemic existed there?until it eventually spread around the world. China finally admitted that SARS began in their country, but they still haven't acknowledged that bird flu exists there. But forensic detectives there have just discovered evidence that a man died of H5N1 in 2003.

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Bird Fears (Continued)

Scientists have now announced that migrating birds DO NOT spread avian flu, but the birds you buy in the supermarket DO spread the food poisoning known as salmonella, so wash your hands (and all surfaces) after handling them. Like beef cattle, chickens are given antibiotics in their feed, which can promote antibiotic-resistant superbugs in...

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What's New With Bird Flu?

Scientists are still divided about whether or not there is an avian flu pandemic in our future. Computer models predict a rapid spread akin to the 1918 pandemic that killed millions of people worldwide, but that's only IF the virus mutates so that it becomes transmittable from human to human and IF researchers cannot invent a vaccine to protect...

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Bird Flu: Good News (for a change)

Physicians have been worried that there will not be enough star anise available to create the Tamiflu drug needed if there is a bird flu epidemic. Now chemists have discovered an alternative medicine, from the sweetgum tree, which is widely grown throughout the US.

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Will Bird Flu Arrive Here?

Bird flu expert Robert G. Webster is attempting to answer the question we're all asking: Will bird flu change from being a dangerous disease of birds (and the people who care for them) to being a disease that humans pass from one to another?

Webster, who works at the St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital in Memphis, is the scientist...

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Prevent Bird Flu: Change Chicken Farming

Bird flu started in the huge bird markets in Asia, where chickens and ducks are sold. Poultry farms in the US are safer because of they way these businesses are run in the US: one company controls an entire farm?from egg production to chickens.

US Poultry expert Todd Applegate says, "The poultry industry is the most vertically integrated...

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Tamiflu Suicides

So far the only weapon we have against bird flu is Tamiflu which is being stockpiled by governments all over the world, despite the fact that the avian flu virus may have mutated so that the drug will no longer be effective. Now there's more ominous news: Tamiflu may lead to suicide.

Jeremy Laurance writes in the Independent that two...

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Rush to Create Bird Flu Vaccine

Newswise - In the event of a bird flu influenza pandemic, the world's vaccine manufacturers will be in a race against time. But now researchers at the University of Wisconsin, working with scientists at the University of Tokyo, have discovered a quicker, more efficient way to make flu vaccine. As soon as an effective avian flu...

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Dead Pet Brings Bird Flu to Britain

While scientists still disagree over whether or not bird flu will become a dangerous epidemic of the kind that killed millions in 1918, bird flu has quietly entered the UK, in the form of a dead parrot that has tested positive for the bird flu virus H5N1. This should be a warning to everyone who keeps an exotic bird as a pet. Other recent...

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Bird Flu: Low Risk to Humans?

Newswise - In the midst of widespread fears about a bird flu pandemic, some health experts are advising that if you cook poultry and eggs thoroughly, you have little chance of contracting avian flu. In the US, we have already been warned to avoid undercooked chicken, since all of our poultry is infected with the salmonella...

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Bird Flu: Not as Bad as They Told Us

The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned that they caused too much international alarm with their recent statement that bird flu could kill as many as 150 million people. Scientific predictions of bird flu deaths have ranged from less than two million to as much as 360 million, but there's no way to know how lethal the pandemic will be...

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Bird Flu Pill May Not Work Anymore

We recently posted an article advising all our readers to keep the prescription drug Tamiflu on hand to fight the symptoms of bird flu. But viruses mutate constantly, and bird flu is no exception. It may already be too late, because avian flu is becoming resistant to Tamiflu, despite the fact that it's being stockpiled by countries all over the...

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