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World Too Noisy for Bird Songs

Increased underwater noise is making it hard for whales to communicate. Now ambient noise is causing birds to sing louder, so they can still attract a mate.

Charles Q. Choi writes in that bird songs are becoming faster and higher-pitched, so that other birds of the same species can hear them above the din of airplane and...

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What We Can Learn From the Memory Bird

We've learned about war from hummingbirds and we can learn about memory from a strange little bird call the Clark's nutcracker. Biologists who study squirrels have come to the conclusion that they have rather limited memories and don't really "find" the nuts they bury, they just dig up ones that some other squirrel has hidden. But these birds...

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Bird Brains: Smarter Than We Think

Birds are smarter than we think they are, perhaps because they are the descendents of dinosaurs. We think of dinos as having been huge and fairly stupid, but maybe they were actually both huge and SMART. Biologists have recently deciphered the "bee dance" that honeybees do to tell other bees where the honey is. Now they are trying to decipher...

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Bird Breathalyzer Tests

Newswise - In Utah, birds are being given "breathalyzer" tests. Nope,cops aren't stopping them for flying too fast?a biologist istrying to determine whether sparrows and warblers aremigrating under the influence of bayberries, gnats, or otherfoods, in an effort to help protect the habitats ofmigrating birds. It turns out that...

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New Bird Flu Danger: Healthy Ducks

Bird Flu is an extremely dangerous disease in human beings,with a 70% death rate. The entire world health community hasbeen watching for two years to see if the disease shouldmutate and become transmissible between people. Now theWorld Health Organization reports that seemingly healthyducks can carry the disease and humans can catch it fromthem...

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