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Unknowncountry Weekender: Has Cancer been Weaponized?

Assassination has historically been a messy business, both literally and metaphorically, with some of the most notorious assassinations, such as that of President John F. Kennedy, still leaving many unanswered questions decades after the event. So if a silent, insidious, undetectable method of assassination became available which would arouse no...
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Microbiologist Murders

In the past few years, there have been a series of mysterious deaths of microbiologists. The death of retiredprofessor Jeong Im is the latest. The 72-year-old scientistwas stabbed to death in a parking garage on the Universityof Missouri campus, put in the trunk of his Honda, and hiscar was set on fire. Police are baffled about the case andhave no...
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Possible Bioweapons in Afghanistan

An epidemic is sweeping along the borders of Pakistan and Iran, among Afghan refugees, and officials fear that it may be caused by former Soviet biological weapons.

In Quetta, Pakistan, at least 75 people have been diagnosed with Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever in the largest outbreak of the disease ever recorded. Eight have already died...

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Biowarfare: What to Look For and Are We Prepared?

After the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, government officials are beginning to imagine something even worse - a chemical or biological attack that could kill thousands, if not millions. How a large city would react to a bioterrorism attack became a key concern for governments and health experts after the Aum...

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Killer Virus Could Lead to Devastating Bioweapons

Without meaning to, Australian scientists have created a virus that could lead to the most devastating bioweapon ever devised.

The scientists were trying to create a mouse contraceptive vaccine to use for pest control. They worked with mousepox, with doesn?t affect humans but is related to the smallpox virus. "It?s a good way to show how...

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