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Bad Air Vents at Secret Gov. Lab May be Blowing Germs Our Way

Secret government documents and emails reveal that a $214 million CDC bioterror germ lab in Atlanta has had repeated problems with airflow systems designed to help prevent the release of infectious agents. The lab is violating basic laboratory operating...
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Creating a Terrorist Weapon?by Accident

Scientists trying to reduce the number of mice in Australia ended up creating a bioweapon instead?so why couldn't terrorists do the same thing?

Ean Higgins writes in The Australian that immunologists Ron Jackson and Ian Ramshaw injected 10 mice with a mousepox virus that had been modified to trick the mice's immune systems into making...

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Diseases Also Looted in Iraq

It wasn't just art that was looted in Iraq; dangerous strains of cholera, black fever, HIV, polio, and hepatitis may have been stolen from Iraq's main disease control facility as well. The U.S. military is worried they may end up in the hands of people who want to use them as weapons. They may have even been stolen by organized gangs, the way...

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Iraq Infiltrated Germ Labs

Before the Gulf War, some of Britain's top microbiology labs were infiltrated by Iraqi scientists in order to gain expertise on germ warfare. The scientists, financed by grants from the Iraqi government, applied for and received research jobs in leading academic and medical institutions.

Dr. Joseph Selkon, an Oxford microbiologist, was...

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U.S. Bioterrorism Vote May Weaken Anti-Terrorist Coalition

A recent international conference on germ warfare ended in anger and chaos after the United States cut off discussions about enforcing the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention.

The 1972 treaty, ratified by the United States and 143 other nations, bans the development, stockpiling and production of germ warfare agents, but there is no...

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Bioterrorism Textbook For Sale

It?s been alleged that terrorists and criminals can easily purchase weapons at gun shows, but at the ?Crossroads of the West? gun show in Salt Lake City, Utah, Timothy W. Tobiason was selling printed and CD copies of his book, ?Scientific Principles of Improvised Warfare and Home Defense Volume 6-1: Advanced Biological Weapons Design and...

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