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Water Into Fuel? We Have The Technology!

It has been the dream of environmentalists for years, to discover the alchemic ability to turn water into liquid gold: gasoline.
Now a company based in Dresden in Germany claims to have developed the technology to do just that. Sunfire GmbH has created an engineering installation that can synthesize petroleum-based fuels using water and...
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Viable Non-Polluting Power Source Discovered, But Is It Too Late to Stop Climate Change?

A ground-breaking new energy source has been discovered by a company in New Jersey.

The powerful new water-based fuel could provide a viable alternative for fuel production worldwide, and has already shown proven results in the supply of sustained electricity production.
The power source is known as The BlackLight Process after...
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Scientists Find a Way to Fast-track Production of Fossil Fuels

The search for a viable alternative to fossil fuels has been ongoing for many years. Our oil reserves are not unlimited, and the question of "what to do when the oil runs out" has been hanging in the air like exhaust fumes from a diesel engine.

Consequently, the search for new and innovative ways to create biofuels is an...
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Scientists Discover Viable Alternative Fuel

As the US undergoes its busiest travel week of the year, it is timely to reflect on the future of our fuel supplies. The modern world relies so heavily on the need for mobility, but, with our current reliance on fossil fuels, travel has a precarious future.
Oil reserves are not limitless, and the by-products of the internal combustion...
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Biofuel Made of Horse Feces

We've heard all kinds of biofuel suggestions, but this one is the most bizarre.

Stepping into unexplored territory in efforts to use corn stalks, grass and other non-food plants to make biofuels, scientists have discovered a potential treasure-trove of...
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Oil From Air

A small British company has developed a process that produces gasoline from water vapor and carbon dioxide. The only thing it needs to make this incredible transformation is air.
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When Energy Stinks

A sewer is where your toilet flushings, shower and dishwashing water go, and it's a pretty warm place. That heat can generate energy, meaning that a sewer system can take care of heating and cooling a whole city. The small city of Brainerd, Minnesota is trying it out. This could be ...
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Poop Fuel

Thanks to this website, you now know about poop burgers, and you also know about the sometimes heroic efforts to get communities safe drinking water. Now scientists have solved two problems with one machine--it not...
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The Brave Quest for Biofuel

In their search for a low greenhouse gas emissions fuels, scientists have done a lot of embarrassing things: They have measured kangaroo farts and cow farts. Now they are collecting giraffe manure.

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A Surprising New Biofuel

We may eventually end up eating it, but a far better use for it would be to burn it as fuel. And we won't use our own--we'll use panda poop instead! It turns out that while pandas may have trouble with sex, they have no...
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Will Fracking Save Us or Shake Us?

What is "fracking?" It's removing natural gas from the ground--and there is LOTS of it right here in the US, so if we produce cars that run on natural gas (as lots of trucks do already), then we can solve our oil dependency problems. HOWEVER, fracking uses LOTS...
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Biofuel Can be Made from Beer

If you want to lose weight, maybe you should drink less beer. It turns out that beer may make a great new biofuel for cars (and this may be a better use for it!) So don't drink and drive--drive on drink (and lose some of that beer gut). Biologists don't...
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From Poison to Pistons

E. coli bacteria is the primary cause of food poisoning. We may be able to get even for all those stomach aches we've had by turning it into automobile and jet fuel. The biotech company Joule Unlimited, which is privately held and highly secretive about its...
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Can Cars Run on Air?

Over the years, we've written about many other places to get fuel than out of the ground (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). How about out of the air? It turns out that car fuel can be created from...
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Wind Power? No Wind

One of the main substitutes for green-house gas emitting energy is WIND POWER, but we'd better build more wind turbines soon, because climate change can cut down on wind and make this technology useless. The prevailing winds in the "free" atmosphere about 1,000 meters above the ground are maintained by a temperature gradient that...
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The Newest Biofuel

It's all in the flush - The time has finally come: The latest biofuel comes from your body (from your, er, waste products), so you can feel a little better next time you flush!

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'Green' Energy Grid

Other nations are doing this, why can't we? - Someday EVERY household will be able to produce its own power for heating and lighting, using solar energy. Japan is planning on doing this by collecting solar power in space and zapping it back down to Earth and the countries in the European Union may join forces to create a huge...

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Can we find one that works before it's too late? - If we can't burn gas maybe we can burn grass. But if we get that grass from our prairies, we may be destroying some of our wildlife. Spraying DDT almost caused a silent spring. Will ethanol do the same thing?

The unintended consequence of crop-based biofuels may be the...

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Tires from Weeds

Tires are a necessity, but disposing of them is a headache. There are all kinds of surprising uses for weeds, and latest in green technology is using the common (annoying) dandelion to make biodegradable automobile tires. Using the ordinary weeds growing all around us to create substitutes for polluting products is a dream resurrected.


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Running on Air

The PERFECT fuel would be air and France is developing a small car that runs off a tank of compressed air. If that doesn't work, one of the components of air (hydrogen) would be the perfect fuel, except that the molecules are too small to keep in the gas tank. But now this problem may have been solved, and the predicted death of the green,...

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Yet Another Biofuel

A surprising one this time - We have suggested numerous bizarre replacements for fossil fuels over the years. Here's yet ANOTHER suggestion for something other than gasoline to put in our cars: Watermelon juice. And if it doesn't work in the car, it makes great moonshine!

The problem with watermelons is, just like corn,...

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Pee Power

To piss off petroleum providers - Urine-powered cars, homes and personal electronic devices could be available in six months. No, you won't be pee into a battery: urine will be collected from cattle, just as it was collected from pregnant mares when hormone replacement therapy was being prescribed for post-menopausal women....

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Biofuel for Jet Planes Too

Everyone's talking about biofuel for cars, but what about using it for jet planes? The seeds of a weed could cut jet fuel's carbon emissions by 84%.

Engineer David Shonnard analyzed the carbon dioxide emissions of jet fuel made from camelina oil and says, "Camelina jet fuel exhibits one of the largest greenhouse gas emission reductions...

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Run our Cars on...Water?

Fuel from ice? How about fuel from algae?and the water it lives in!

The invention of an efficient system for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen will be what shows us if hydrogen really does have the potential to be a clean, sustainable fuel. But manmade systems that exist today to do this are very inefficient and often require the...

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Freezing Fuel can Power Your Car

We've written about fuel from corn and fuel from garbage, but?fuel from ice?

In the future, natural gas derived from chunks of ice that workers collect from beneath the ocean floor and beneath the arctic permafrost may fuel cars, heat homes, and power factories. These are called "gas hydrates," a frozen form of natural gas that bursts...

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Travel on Soybeans & Algae

It's long past time to start to plan for the future. We may soon have soybean tires?How about soybean fuel...and a jet plane that runs on algae?

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Biofuels Can Be BAD

Biofuels based on ethanol, vegetable oil and other renewable sources are popular with government and environmentalists as a way to reduce fossil fuel dependence and limit greenhouse gas emissions. The problem? They may have exactly the OPPOSITE impacts than the ones intended. Maybe we should all switch to electric cars!

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Burn Grass, Not Gas (or Corn)

When it comes to your automobile, we've said it before: Don't burn gas, use grass, but use the RIGHT KIND of grass (and DON'T rely on corn as a biofuel, because this is mainly a ploy by our government to get rid of acres of subsidized corn).

A weed called switchgrass makes the best biofuel. BBC News reports that "switchgrass-derived...

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Biofuels a Crime Against Humanity?

No matter how much the government extols them, we've warned you before that we're being conned about corn, and now a UN expert agrees and says that growing crops to produce biofuels is a "crime against humanity" that will bring on world hunger.

In BBC News, Grant Ferrett reports that UN expert Jean Ziegler says that the growth in the...

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Biofuel Danger

As we've written before, switching to biofuels is not the magical solution that it is claimed to be. A new UN report warns that switching to biofuels could have major negative impacts on the environment. BBC News reports that if forests are cut down in order to farm plants for biofuels, causing food prices to rise?and if these new biofuel...

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