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Science Suggests That The Universe "Shouldn't Really Exist"

The unfathomable mystery of how this Universe was brought forth into being has preoccupied the mind of Man since he became cognisant of his own existence. Latterly, Science has been able to provide the likely cosmic nuts and bolts of the process, with the most widely accepted concept being known as the "Big Bang" theory.
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Scientists Find "Fingerprint" of the Oldest Star in the Universe

At 13.7 billion years old, the universe is inconceivably ancient. As new stars are born every day, its cosmic inhabitants are constantly changing, but scientists have now discovered the oldest star existing in space.

The old timer was identified by a team of astronomers from The Australian National University, who believe it formed...
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Before the Beginning

?and why time moves from yesterday to tomorrow - What scientists call the Big Bang brought the universe about, but can we get a glimpse of what things were like BEFORE the Big Bang? NASA astronomers think they've been able to do just that. In doing so, they may also be able to explain why we experience time moving in a straight...

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