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Bike Riding Can Ruin a WOMAN'S Sex Life Too

In the past, we've warned men that riding a bike can ruin your sex life. Now it turns out this is true for women too: Spending time on a bicycle seat, which has been linked to erectile dysfunction in men, may also be a hazard to a woman’s sexual health. With...
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Men: If You're Planning to Cycle

...Freeze your sperm! - Now that the Tour de France is on, scientists want to remind would-be professional cyclists (and the rest of us?) that they should consider freezing their sperm before spending too much time on that bike.

When men who had been training on bicycles for an average of nine times a week for eight...

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Bike Boom

Now that people can no longer afford to drive their SUVs, many of them are buying bikes. This could also help control overpopulation!

In, Leander Kahney quotes bike store owner Kevin Menard as saying, "The gas prices are the best thing that ever happened to cycling. I hope they go up even more."Kahney quotes bike industry CEO...

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Riding a Bike Can End Your Sex Life (Continued)

We've written before that riding a bike can be the end of a man's sex life. Now we've learned that it can be the end of a woman's sexuality as well.

Women who ride bicycles frequently may have less genital sensitivity, and sometimes even pain. quotes researcher Martha Guess as saying, "While seated on a bicycle, the...

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