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Does Ancient Cuneiform Tablet Prove That Noah's Ark Really Existed?

Does Ancient Cuneiform Tablet Prove That Noah's Ark Really Existed?

A new film portraying the Biblical legend of Noah's Ark has incurred the wrath of devout Christians for not faithfully representing the story as it is outlined in the Good Book. Whether the film is an accurate portrayal of the fable or not, it has prompted further discussion regarding the truth behind the ancient tale.

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Bones of the Baptist May Have Been Found

John the Baptist roamed far and wide, but did he end up in what is today's Bulgaria? His bones may have, anyway, but they may have been taken there after his death in a relic.

The handful of bones was found in 2010 by Romanian archaeologists Kazimir Popkonstantinov and Rossina Kostova while they were excavating an old church site on...
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Who Wrote the Bible? Ask Your Computer

Computers can do more than identify psychopaths--they can also give us a clue about who wrote the Bible.

The books of the Bible--both the Old Testament (or Torah) and the New Testament--were written by unknown authors. They are "named," but scholars doubt...
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Old Scrolls are Probably Fakes

We wrote that some ancient scrolls made of lead and copper that have recently come to light may reveal mysteries of ancient Christianity, but now it looks as if...
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Lost Secrets of Christianity May be Revealed

Have the "Sealed Books" of Revelation been Found? A group of 70 ancient books, round with lead rings, were discovered in a cave in a remote valley in Jordan somewhere between 2005 and 2007, when a flash flood revealed two hiding places, marked with what appeared to be either a menorah or a candlestick. AND one of the covers may depict...
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Bible Science

Can science explain miracles or are they all caused by God? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to these shows). Remember the scene in the Bible in Exodus 14:21-28, when the Israelites are escaping from the Egyptian chariots and Moses parts the waters of the Red Sea so they can run across it, then waves his hand so that the waters flow back...

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Dreamland Report: Was Noah's Ark Real?

Many Biblical stories have turned out to be myths, but on this week's Dreamland, Linda Howe reports on new information about Noah's Ark: remains of an ancient ship found in an area of Iran known as Ararat.

Leonard David writes in about some mysterious ruins of what look like a ship, high up on Mount Ararat in eastern...

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John the Baptist Site Found

Archeologists have discovered a cave in Israel with 28 stepsleading down to an underground pool of water where theythink John the Baptist baptized many of the disciples.Shimon Gibson says, "John the Baptist, who was just a figurefrom the Gospels, now comes to life."

Karin Laub writes that archaeologists found wall carvingsthat tell the...

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Biblical Burning Bush Explained

Norwegian reporter Hanne Dankertsen writes that researchers have found the explanation for the burning bush, from which God spoke to Moses in the Bible. They went to the Sahara desert to study bushes that were setting themselves on fire. Smoke was billowing from red holes in the ground and local villages were evacuating.

Dag Kristian...

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Proof of Exodus?or Not?

Peter and Mark Elmer have figured out the route Moses took to lead the Jews out of Egypt 3,000 years ago. Neither of them are trained archeologists?Peter is a mechanic in the U.K. and Mark makes surgical appliances there. There's a lot of skepticism about the exodus and many scholars think it never actually took place. Also, today's Red Sea is...

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Can Science Explain the Bible?

With Easter and Passover coming soon, it's time to look at what scientists have to say about the stories in the Bible. British scientist Colin J. Humphrey says Mount Sinai, where Moses received God's Law, is really in Saudi Arabia, and not in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, because the mountain must have been an active volcano, since it shook and...

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First Physical Evidence for Bible Story

In recent years, even conservative Jewish archeologists have admitted that there is no archeological evidence for most of the Old Testament stories in the Bible. But now some has been found: scientists says a 2,800-year-old stone tablet that describes repair plans for the Jewish Temple of King Solomon is genuine. It's the first piece of...

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Archeology Proves Old Testament Not History

The New York Times of Saturday, March 9 reports that archaeologists digging in Israel over the last 25 years have found almost no physical evidence to back up the stories in the Old Testament. Abraham, the Jewish patriarch, probably never existed, and neither did Moses. The entire Exodus story as recounted in the Bible probably never happened....

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