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NEW Bermuda Triangle Sucks Up Famous Fashion Designer

The Bermuda Triangle (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show) is an area in the Atlantic Ocean between Miami, Bermuda and Puerto Rico where many ships are said to have "disappeared." Another...
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Ghost Yacht Update

We recently reported on a mysterious ghost yacht that was discovered off the coast of Australia. Their laptop was still charging, their clothes were neatly folded, there was food on the table, and now authorities believe that the three sailors missing from the Australian "ghost yacht" may have been kidnapped.

Except for a mysteriously...

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Ghost Yacht

The Kaz II, a 40 foot yacht, has been foundoff the Australian coast with its occupants missing. So far,a search has failed to turn up any signs of the three peopleon the boat. The only sign of trouble was a ripped sail. Theboat was found with the engine running and a table laid fordinner. If violent weather had been the cause of...

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Big Bubbles in Bermuda Triangle

Mitra Malek writes in the Herald Tribune that some scientists think giant gas bubbles in the Bermuda Triangle could be what is sucking ships down into the deep. Hollywood special effects artist Phil Beck, of Awesome FX, has recreated the phenomenon in order to test this theory.The Bermuda Triangle stretches from Florida to Bermuda and Puerto...

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