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Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Studies have shown that attractive people get more attention. Beautiful women, for instance, get promoted more often. But when it comes to APPLYING for the job, sex roles are reversed: Women who attached an attractive photo to their resumes...
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Is Goodness Beautiful?

Rapunzel in "Tangled," Ariel in "The Little Mermaid," Belle in "Beauty and the Beast:" Each of these animated characters is portrayed as beautiful and good. The "what-is-beautiful-is-good" stereotype is found throughout cartoons, animated films,...
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Beautiful People

Do they get worse grades? - Beautiful people usually do better in life, but sometimes they're at a DISadvantage.

For instance, attractive people are usually at a slight advantage when it comes to getting a job. But a new study finds that for women in traditionally masculine fields, such as director of finance, mechanical...

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Pretty People Get Ahead

in politics - It's so unfair: Attractive people are less likely to get convicted (and short people commit more crimes), and it turns out that attractive politicians are more likely to get elected. With such widespread TV coverage of candidates, this shouldn't surprise us, but we do need to be careful.

A new study shows...

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Beauty & the Beast

It works that way in real life too! - Why do so many beautiful women marry unattractive men? Maybe it's because they're marrying Dad. Research shows that these couples actually work out better than a marriage between two good-looking people. Psychologists advise women seeking a mate to look for a guy who is a little less...

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Marrying Dad

It may be a relief for some of us to know that beauty is not judged by physical attributes alone. Researchers have discovered that when someone knows you, they may consider you beautiful even if, by objective standards, you're not. And women choose husbands who look like their dads, especially if he was a nice guy. Shaoni Bhattacharya writes in...

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