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Danger on the Beach!

It's not the sun, it's the SAND - Who would have thought it? Children and adults who buildcastles and dig in the sand at the beach are at greater riskof developing gastrointestinal diseases and diarrhea thanpeople who only walk on the shore or swim in the surf.

People who playfully bury their bodies in the sand are...

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What Did You Wear to the Beach on Memorial Day?

If you wore flip-flips and a baseball cap, you were taking a risk, because they expose your ear tops and foot tops to the sun (and to skin cancer). And who remembers to put suntan lotion on these two places? There's even more of a problem if you drove to the beach.

Dermatologist Anthony Peterson says, "Those areas of their bodies have...

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What If We Took a Trip to the Beach & It Wasn't There?

A family trip to the seaside may become an antiquated custom, thanks to global warming. In North Carolina alone, the ocean is expected to rise one foot in the next 25 to 75 years, which would erode 2,000 to 10,000 feet of the beaches there.

In, Andrea Thompson quotes geologist Orrin Pilkey as saying, "We have no way of...

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