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New Pocket Phone Chargers Could Spell Trouble For Sperm Health

As though they don't already spend enough time welded to their cellphones , Microsoft Mobile has now collaborated with menswear fashion designer A. Sauvage to create a pair of "techno-trousers" that will mean that a man never needs to be parted from his cell, even to charge its battery.
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Perpetual Motion Machine

Could there be such a thing as a perpetual motion machine? Most scientists would say no, but there IS one that is over 300 years old, resting in a museum in Romania. If researchers could figure out how it works, it could pave the way to the creation of car batteries that never run out.

This battery, built by Vasile Karpen, has been...
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Ancient Batteries Could be Lost in War

Archeologists are worried that the extraordinary ancient relicts of Iraq may be injured or destroyed during the upcoming war. Iraq is supposed to be the site of the Garden of Eden and the Tower of Babel, and its early civilizations invented writing and the wheel. It's also the home of ancient batteries, which are in the museum of Baghdad.

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