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Bald is Good

If you have lemons, make lemonade. If you're a man whose hair is thinning, don't comb it over, go proudly bald BEFORE it happens naturally!

A recent study reveals that men with shaved heads...
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The Ultimate Baldness Cure

If you're a man who's planning on joining a social network, you may wish you had more hair. If Rogaine didn't do it for you, it may be because you're under stress. It has been long known that stress plays...
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Finally: A Real Cure for Baldness

Rogain was supposed to be the solution, but if that were true, why do we still so many bald men? But scientists say they really are on the verge of discovering a definitive cure for baldness, after growing hair on a bald mouse. When researchers corrected the faulty hairless gene in the rodent, his fur began to grow back.

Mice and humans...

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