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Bald is Good

If you have lemons, make lemonade. If you're a man whose hair is thinning, don't comb it over, go proudly bald BEFORE it happens naturally!

A recent study reveals that men with shaved heads...
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Why Men Just Can't Win

Poor men--they just can't win. TV ads for a certain baldness cure always show guys with "hot" babes, but a new study suggests that men who take the drug finasteride, commonly marketed under the trademark names Propecia and Proscar, may report an on-going reduction in sex drive, and in some cases, prolonged periods of erectile dysfunction...
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The Ultimate Baldness Cure

If you're a man who's planning on joining a social network, you may wish you had more hair. If Rogaine didn't do it for you, it may be because you're under stress. It has been long known that stress plays...
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Why are We the Only Hairless Ones?

While men are agonizing about going bald, scientists are wondering why humans are so hairless. Our close cousins the chimps have no hair loss problems. Researchers think we humans may have lost our body hair so we'd have fewer parasites.

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