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How to Use Viruses & Bacteria in a GOOD Way

We've updated you on the AIDS virus and the bird flu virus and both are frightening. But scientists are actually finding GOOD ways to use bacteria and viruses?in toothpaste and cold cuts! reports that chewing gum, toothpaste and deodorant might soon contain beneficial bacteria to fight tooth decay and odor. Researchers...

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Some Bacteria is Good for You

Newswise - We recently published a story on thedangers ofanti-bacterial soap and household cleaning supplies. But nowit turns out it may be good for us to take a dose ofbacteria daily. Anne Strieber says that sickness cansometimes be a gift. Read her newDiary and seeif you agree.

The May issue of Harvard Women's Health...

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Dangerous Bacteria Evolving in Insects

Scientists have evidence that bacteria dangerous to humanshave begun evolving in insects, for reasons that are not clear.

The October edition of Nature Reviews: Microbiology reportsthat invertebrates such as worms and insects may have begunenabling a rapid evolution for bacteria normally notharmful to humans. Not only are insects capable...

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Superbug Found in Soldiers

A superbug is bacteria that evolves inside hospitals to beresistant to the latest antibiotics. The danger is not onlyto the patient who has it, but to the other patients in thehospital as well. And if it gets into the outside world, itcould sweep through the population until?and if?a newantibiotic can be created that can destroy it. A...

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Your Pool May Have Legionnaire's Disease

More than 40% of the swimming pools in the Netherlands contain the bacteria that causes Legionnaire's Disease. Government tests also found the bacteria in 9% of hotel swimming pools. Pool owners in the U.S. test their pools for many kinds of bacteria?but not for the kind that causes this sometimes fatal disease.

Testing began in the...

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Watch Those Fingernails

If your waitress has long fingernails, get up from the tableand run. Cooks and waitpeople with long nails are morelikely to pass on food bugs such as E.coli. Artificial nailsare an especially nasty breeding ground for harmful bacteria.

Michael Doyle and his team at the University of Georgia puthamburger contaminated with E.coli under the...

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Bacteria-Colored Blue Jeans

Jeans dyed blue by bacteria may soon be available. Walter Weyler and his colleagues at Genencor International in Palo Alto, California have genetically modified bacteria to produce the indigo pigment used to stain denim. The process would be a less-polluting way to dye jeans than chemical indigo production.

Originally extracted from...

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