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Hard Times Bring Baby Girls

Mom: Are you having a daughter? According to a new study of the 1959-1961 Great Leap Forward famine in China, women are more likely to give birth to girls during famine conditions than when there's plenty to eat. With the...
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Babies Have Morals Too

Infants may cry and seem demanding, leading us to assume that they have no sense of what the adults in their lives need, but a new study presents the first evidence that a basic sense of fairness and altruism ...
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How Fatherhood Changes Men

The (mostly) male hormone testosterone drops after a man becomes a parent, probably so that he will care for his infant, rather than try to kill him or push him out of the nest, as some other creatures do.
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Do French Babies Cry in French?

We know that the Visitors "talk inside our heads," but unfortunately, WE don't. Many of us can identify a specific foreign language when we hear it, even if we can't speak or understand what's going on, because we recognize the accent. German researchers say that babies pick up the rhythms and patterns of their mothers' speech while still in...

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Baby Talk

Babies know a lot more than we used to think they did. And ladies: if you want to have lots of them, mate with a man who has a deep voice.

In, Robin Lloyd reports that scientists have recently learned that babies can pick out their native language from a foreign one when they are only a few days old.

Speaking of...

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Neanderthal Babytalk

One of a Neanderthal baby's first words was probably "papa,"according to linguists. They are interested in why over6,000 languages share so many sounds for the same words,especially words that are first spoken.

Anna Gosline writes in New Scientist that Pierre Bancel andAlain Matthey de l'Etang think these basic words come fromthe...

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Why Modern Couples Can't Conceive

She's on a low carb diet, he carries a cell phone?no wonder they can't have kids. Researchers have found that a low carb diet makes women less fertile, while carrying a cell phone does the same thing to men.

Caroline Ryan writes in that when the Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine fed mice a diet containing 25% protein...

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Boy or Girl?

Parents who smoke produce fewer boys, according to research on Japanese couples. The researchers don?t know why this happens, but say both the mother's and father's smoking habits are important.

Stress, temperature, birth order and even the number of wives in a man's harem are all known to influence the relative proportions of girls and...

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