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'Lost world' discovered in Australian rain-forest

Scientists have discovered a mini eco-system full of strange creatures in a remote territory of Australia. The 'lost world', as scientists are calling it, is believed to have remained undisturbed for millions of years.

The discovery was made by Dr. Conrad Hoskin, of James Cook University, and Dr. Tim Laman, from Harvard University,...
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Abnormal 'Fire Cloud' forming over Australian bush fires

Abnormal 'Fire Cloud' forming over Australian bush fires

The fires currently searing through the Australian bush between Lithgow and Bilpin could create an unusual cloud formation known as a 'Fire Cloud' or pyrocumulus, predict fire analysts. The unique weather phenomenon only forms when areas of intense heat, such as bush fires or volcanoes, meet with an unstable atmosphere.

As fires burn...
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The Mystery of the Aborigines--Where Did They Come From?

When British convicts were sent to Australia in the 18th and 19th centuries, they found that the island nation was already populated, but no one could figure out where these people had come from. The land was so isolated that it seemed impossible that anyone could have traveled there in unsophisticated boats.

Now a lock of hair that...
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New Species of Hobbit-sized Human Discovered

The remains of a new species of Hobbit-sized human have beenfound in a cave on the island of Flores, an isolated islandto the east of Java. So far, the remains of eightindividuals from the new species have been uncovered. Thepartial skeleton of an adult female shows that these peoplewere about 3 feet (1m) tall and had a brain similar in sizeto...

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Australia May Become 51st State

Tess Livingstone writes in the Australia Courier-Mail that Australia may become our 51st state. American-born historian David Mosler says there's a 20% chance of Australia becoming a state in the next 50 years, and chances would increase if there was an al-Qaeda attack on Australia or if nearby Indonesia becomes a fundamentalist Islamic country...

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