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Does Fracking Cause Asthma?

Asthma used to be mainly an urban problem, but now it's become an epidemic in the countryside--this could be due to Fracking....
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Stress Causes Asthma?in our Soldiers

For the first time, a study has linked asthma in adults with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The study of male twins who were veterans of the Vietnam War suggests that the association between asthma and PTSD is not primarily explained by genes. Does this mean that our Iraq War vets will come home not only deaf, but also asthmatic?

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Asthma Caused by Pesky Bugs

Newswise - For years, doctors have wondered why children who live in cities have much more asthma than those raised in thecountryside, and also why black children are more severelyaffected than whites. Is it because more Afro-Americans live in cities, or is it due to racial genetics? Now a nationwidestudy of asthmatic children...
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Don't Have Mice? Yes You Do

Scientists at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have found mouse traces in 82% of U.S. homes just like yours. Samples were collected from 75 randomly selected areas across the country. The 831 homes tested were in all parts of the U.S. (the northeast, southeast, midwest, southwest, northwest), all housing types, and in urban, suburban,...

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More Asthma?But Why?

Asthma has increased by around 160% worldwide in the last 20 years and 25% of U.S. children suffer from it. This rise is a mystery to scientists. Some think it's because children play indoors more so they don't get enough exposure to bacteria, which can strengthen their immune systems. Others think smaller families may be the problem, as the...

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Saturated Fat Good, Margarine Bad

We've written before about researchers who think that margarine may cause childhood asthma. Now they say that children who regularly drink whole milk are less likely to develop this condition. People are having success losing weight and lowering their cholesterol on high fat, high protein diets like Atkins and the Protein Power diet. The...

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