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Whew! (For Now)

After further study, astronomers have decided that asteroidNT7 will not hit the Earth 17 years from now, but will flyharmlessly by instead. Dr. Don Yeomans of NASA says, "We cannow rule out any impact possibilities for February 1st,2019."

But although it won't hit us 17 years from now, it may stillhit the Earth in 58 years. Yeomans says...

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Asteroid May Hit Earth in 18 Years

An asteroid was discovered a few weeks ago that astronomersthink will impact the Earth 18 years from now. The asteroid,known as NT7, has an orbit that's on a collision course withEarth and if nothing changes, it will hit us on February 1,2019.

From its brightness, astronomers thinks it's over a milewide, which is large enough to...

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ANOTHER Close Call

Another huge asteroid passed by Earth on June 14, and this time it was even closer to us than the moon. Although it passed by on Friday, it wasn?t detected until the following Monday, so we would have been taken completely by surprise.

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Autograph an Asteroid

First tourists were paying big bucks to visit the International Space Station?now the Japanese are arranging for people to autograph an asteroid.

The Japanese Muses-C spacecraft is the first craft designed to visit an asteroid and return to Earth after taking geological samples. It will be ready for takeoff in November or December and...

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Defense Against Another Type of Terrorist

The U.S. federal government is gathering the world's top scientists together in September for a strategy conference to plan defenses against an attack that could wipe out an American city or disrupt the whole country's infrastructure?and it has nothing to do with Islamic terrorists.

The scientists will try to figure out how to combat an...

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Earth Impact Inevitable

Sooner or later, a catastrophe from space will wipe out almost all life on Earth, according to Dr Arnon Dar of the Technion Space Research Institute in Israel. A particular type of exploding star going off anywhere in our region of the Universe would devastate our planet.

Using the latest statistics and calculations, Dar says that a...

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Asteroid Coming...But Not Too Soon

David Braun reports in the National Geographic News that scientists have identified a thousand-yard-wide asteroid that may be heading for a collision with Earth 878 years from now.

Using radar and optical measurements made over the past 51 years, researchers have calculated that there is up to a one-in-300 possibility that Asteroid 1950...

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Despite Near-Miss, Nobody?s Looking for Asteroids

After our near-miss with an asteroid on March 8, an Australian government official dismissed a plea by scientists that his country should spend money searching for potentially threatening asteroids that can only be spotted from the Southern Hemisphere, calling it a ?fruitless, unnecessary, self-indulgent exercise.?

On the Australian TV...

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Asteroid Nearly Hit Us?And Nobody Noticed

One of the largest asteroids known to have made a close approach to Earth flew past about 300,000 miles away on March 8, but nobody noticed it until four days later. When the object, which has been named 2002 EM7, passed closest to the Earth, it was too close to the Sun to be visible. A telescope operated by the Lincoln Laboratory at M.I.T....

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Asteroid Wargames

If an asteroid impacted the Earth, the devastation would be so great that statistically, you are more likely to die from a space rock impact than in a plane crash. When asteroid 2001 YB5 flew past the Earth on January 7, 2002, it missed the planet by 300,000 miles, but at the speed the Earth is travelling in its orbit, that distance amounts to...

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Asteroid Close to Earth

Asteroid 2001 YB5 was only discovered in December and it is now extremely close to the Earth. Although there is no danger of collision, astronomers say its proximity reminds us just how many objects there are in space that could strike our planet with devastating consequences. Astronomers and archaeologists suspect that our planet is struck by...

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We Need a Good Asteroid Detector

The odds are good that eventually our planet will be hit by an asteroid or a comet, as it has many times before. Engineers and scientists here at NASA?s Langley Research Center are trying to spot these hazards before they sit. One good place to set up an astronomical alarm system is on the Moon.

A large number of asteroids larger than a...

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Where Asteroids Come From

Over the past millions of years, Earth has taken some major hits from asteroids. Where do these huge boulders come from and why are they in orbits near the Earth? Scientists now think the sun is to blame.

Asteroids most likely come from the dense area of gigantic, spinning rocks that exists between Mars and Jupiter. But scientists have...

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Evidence of Major Asteroid Hit

About 35 million years ago, when dinosaurs were already extinct but the Appalachian Mountains were still covered in tropical rain forests, an asteroid more than a mile wide, moving at supersonic speed, crashed into the Atlantic Ocean off North America.

Traveling at about 70,000 miles per hour, the asteroid or comet dove through several...

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Asteroid Could Escalate War

An asteroid impact could be mistaken for an attack by a Middle Eastern country and ?could certainly trigger a regional if not global nuclear exchange,? says Brian Marsden, an astronomer at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Massachusetts. This assumes that the country hit by the asteroid has the ability for a nuclear...

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Asteroid Threat Less Than Previously Thought

One less thing to worry about: astronomers have decided that we are much less likely to get wiped out by a big asteroid than previously thought. The odds are only about 1 in 5,000 that an asteroid big enough to wipe out civilization will hit the Earth in the next 100 years, a team at Princeton University reported, which is far lower than...

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Rethinking the Dinosaurs--T-Rex With Feathers?

More evidence has been found proving that those sweet little birds, hopping and chirping about in your yard, are related to the dinosaurs of the distant past. A 130-million-year-old fossil of a feathered dinosaur has been discovered by farmers in China. It turns out that the impact that wiped out the dinosaurs didn't kill off all of them-it...

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Invisible Asteroids Thought to be Threat

Invisible asteroids and other cosmic bodies made of a new form of matter may pose a threat to Earth, according to an Australian physicist.

Robert Foot of the University of Melbourne claims that a meteorite composed of mirror matter, which is an invisible dark matter that is said to make up over 95 percent of the universe, could impact...

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