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Close Call

Sometimes asteroids and meteors can come mighty close. A 14-year-old German boy survived a direct hit by a meteorite after it fell to earth at 30,000 mph. Gerrit Blank was on his way to school when he saw "...
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Asteroid Impact on the Way

NASA has said that the asteroid Apophis ("The Uncreator") will have a close approach to the Earth in 2029, but will not fly close enough to strike us. However, a Russian astronomer disagrees. On the Helium website, Terrence Aym quotes Leonid Sokolov as saying, "Apophis will approach Earth at a distance of 37,000 to 38,000 kilometers...
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When time slip expert Starfire Tor joined Whitley on Coast to Coast AM on January 9, one of her predictions for 2011 was more meteor strikes. Her prediction has come true already: In Oklahoma, people recently star a "big ball of fire" streaking across the sky. It glowed slightly green, probably...
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Saving Us from Asteroids is CHEAP

But they won't do it - There's almost nothing more scary than an asteroid impact--something that could turn us all instantly into ghosts (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Millions of years ago, TWO asteroids did in the dinosaurs--will something similar happen to us?

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How a Mineral Came to Earth

Scientists have used quantum mechanics to reveal that the most common mineral on the surface of the earth is relatively UNcommon deep within the planet. Does this mean this material came to Earth by riding on the back of an asteroid?

Researcher Kevin Driver says, "Silica makes up two-thirds of the Earth

NOTE: This news...

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Near Misses

BP may have been careless or parsimonious, but they certainly didn't want the huge oil link, and the terrible publicity (not to mention clean up costs) that have come along with it, to happen (or did they?). Every industry has near misses like this one. Sometimes they could have been prevented and sometimes, maybe not. Despite reports from the...

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It's happening again: A near-Earth asteroid named 2005 YU55, which is on the list of potentially dangerous asteroids, was observed with the Arecibo Telescope's planetary radar on April 19, 2010 when it was about 1.5 million miles from the Earth, which is about 6 times the distance to the moon. Will there be an impact? Will someone help prevent...

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Asteroids Collide

Not with the Earth, but with EACH OTHER - X marks the spot: Asteroid impacts have wreaked havoc on this planet in the distant past (as well as probably bringing life here in the first place), but now that we have modern space telescopes, we can see two asteroids colliding with EACH OTHER. Should this worry us?


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How Did They Know?

Craters are being found in Australia based on Aboriginal Dreaming Stories, but the Aborigines have been in Australia for around 50,000 years, while the craters are millions of years old. Are the Aborigines actually a far older population, or are the craters younger (or is there another explanation for the discrepancy)?

An Australian...

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Asteroid Streaks Across Western US Skies

2nd large meteor in 6 weeks. - As if the world wasn't already dangerous enough: A small asteroid or meteor entered earth's atmosphere overthe western US Wednesday night, traveling at a surprisinglyhigh speed of about a hundred thousand miles an hour.Theobject exploded with the force of 0.5 to 1 kiloton of TNT.It was so bright...

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Another Close Call

On October 8, an asteroid exploded over Indonesia with the force of a small atomic bomb. This is the same day that earthquakes struck the area. The detonation took place twelve miles up and caused no damage on the ground, but had the object struck the surface it could have easily obliterated a city. Despite the fact that it was nine feet across...

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Close Call!

An asteroid passed between the earth and the moon on Friday, but NASA didn't find out about it until Thursday (or if they did, they didn't tell us). If it had impacted, it could have destroyed a major city. Maybe we'd get better information if some of our scientists were honest about what's really going on out there. spotted a...

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Space Attacks

First, something enormous strikes Jupiter. Then a huge spot appears on Venus. Now, something has smashed through Saturn's F ring. Is our solar system under bombardment by an asteroid swarm? So far, nobody is sure. We just hope whatever it is doesn't hit the earth next!

The Discover website reports that the Cassini satellite, which has...

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New Asteroid Secrecy

But why? - Information from military satellites about incoming asteroids has always been given to scientists in the past, but now the military has suddenly classified the information.

A recent US military policy decision now explicitly states that observations by spy satellites of incoming fireballs have been classified...

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Close Call from Small Asteroid

A newly-discovered asteroid flew past earth on March 17 a little over twice the distance of a manmade orbiting satellite. This is the SECOND time in March that an asteroid has flown so close to us. All these asteroids are too small to cause major damage, but an impact could cause local damage of the type seen in Tunguska. We often didn't notice...

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It Could Happen Again

But in a different way this time - Here's another cataclysm that wiped out much of the life on earth in the past: multiple impacts from comets and asteroids sent up dust that blocked out sunlight, causing a major food shortage. Could this happen today? NASA is trying to make sure it doesn't by spotting asteroids BEFORE they strike...
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Preventing Asteroid Impacts

It didn't happen in November, but that doesn't mean it won't happen in the future.

A new UN report states: "Faced with such a threat, we are far from helpless. Astronomers today can detect a high proportion of Near Earth Objects and predict potential collisions with the Earth. Evacuation and mitigation plans can be prepared to cope with...

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Will the World End TODAY?

According to Richard Boylan it will...or was this just one of those baseless predictions that seem to be everywhere lately?

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Asteroid Hit TODAY

A small, newly-discovered asteroid named 2008 TC3 is approaching Earth and chances are good that it will hit. Measuring only a few meters across, the space rock poses no threat to people or structures on the ground, but it should create a spectacular fireball, releasing about a kiloton of energy as it disintegrates and explodes in the high...

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More Mysteries on Mars

Asteroids have hit the earth many times, causing major extinctions and leaving tell-tale craters?and it turns out there are gigantic craters on Mars as well. Perhaps they wiped out life there as well?

A huge gash that has been discovered on Mars has long proven is the largest known crater in our solar system?so big, that it reshaped the...

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Will a City be Next?

A century ago, an event in far-off Siberia gave us a wake-up call. That explosive event over remote Tunguska is generally viewed by scientists as a large space rock that pierced through the atmosphere of Siberia, then detonated to flatten some 2,000 square kilometers of trees. Could modern technology stop such an event from happening today?...

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Asteroids Hit More Often Than We Think

The evidence is on the ocean floor - Asteroid impacts, like the one that did in the dinosaurs, are not as rare as we'd like to think they are. 70% of the earth is covered in water, so most asteroids land in the ocean. A researcher who searched for underwater impact craters and found an ominous number of them?several of them...

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Thirteen-Year-Old Student Corrects NASA?or Does He?

Is NASA keeping the danger of a potential impact secret? - A 13-year-old German boy working on a science project recently corrected NASA's estimates on the chances of an asteroid hitting the earth. He figured out that there is a 1 in 450 chance that the Apophis asteroid will hit us, while NASA claims that the odds are only 1 in...

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Whew! (For Now)

UPDATE - An asteroid passed by close to the earth in a near miss. One day, we may be directly in the path of an upcoming space rock. This one missed us, but we are STILL in the path of a falling spy satellite!

BBC News reports that a 600-foot-wide asteroid passed by the earth without hitting us. It swept by just outside...

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Impacts Made Us What We Are

Fear of space rock impacts have ussearching theskies for the latest incoming asteroid. In the past,collisions with objects from space have not onlydestroyed lifeon earth, they have alsocreated it. Anasteroid is headed for Mars?will this happen there too?

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Deflecting the Asteroid Threat

The asteroid threat continues, and scientists continue to work frantically to figure out how to deflect dangerous asteroids that may be heading our way, before they impact the earth?or infect us with dangerous alien bacteria.

In New Scientist magazine, David Shiga writes that "a swarm of mirror-bearing spacecraft could deflect an...

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Asteroid Threat

Astronomers in the UK are planning a mission to find out if a dangerous asteroid will hit the earth between 2029 and 2036?and to figure out what we can do to stop it.

BBC News reports that a thousand-foot-wide rock called Apophis is hurtling through space and is due to fly past the Earth in April, 2029 "at a distance [of around 22,000...

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Asteroid Threat Continues

In the last few years we've had some near misses with asteroids and will again in the future. A team of scientists and engineers are striving to save humanity from asteroid impacts that could threaten life on earth.

Richard Fork is assembling a team to conduct research into deflecting asteroids that may endanger us. We now know it was an...

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Major Meteor Shower on Saturday

If you live on the East Coast, go outside and look up at the night sky on Saturday night, and you'll see an astounding event: the Leonid meteor shower.

Joe Rao writes in that the Leonids are made up of the dusty debris from a comet that orbits the sun every 33 years. This dust produces spectacular meteor displays and "shooting...

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Huge Meteorite Found in Kansas

Scientists recently dug up a 154-pound meteorite that had been buried 4 feet deep in a Kansas wheat field. They located the meteorite by using radar technology that NASA someday hopes to use on Mars.

Roxana Hegeman writes in that this new technology was able to locate the meteorite precisely and make an accurate three-...

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