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Art Bell Returns to the Air

Legendary radio host Art Bell is returning to the air on September 16 on Sirius XM Satellite Radio with a late-night program called 'Art Bell's Dark Matter.' Art ended his regular hosting of Coast to Coast AM in 2002, and has not been on the air since Halloween of 2010. The show will air from 10PM to 1AM...
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Whitley on Coast with Art Bell TONIGHT

Whitley will be on Coast to Coast AM radio with Art Bell on Thursday, Janaury 4, starting at 11 p.m. Pacific time. He'll be talking with Art about global warming, UFOs, his new novel The Grays and the new novel he is writing right now. This will be an exciting show, so don't miss it!

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Art Bell Reports In

Many of you have written us asking about Art Bell, and we've been concerned, too. Now he has reported in, and all is more than well with him. He's living happily with Airyn inManila, but having trouble with customs and paperworkgetting the equipment he needs to return to the air. He hashad the flu and is just now regaining his strength.


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Art Bell Remarries

Legendary Coast-to-Coast AM host Art Bell has remarried. Hisromance with Philippine national Airyn Ruiz began after hewas introduced to her via internet videoconferencing, by afriend in the ham radio hobby.

They spent countless hours conferencing together. WhitleyStrieber says, "It became obvious to me after a very shorttime that this...

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A Visit to Art

Anne and Whitley just made a trip to visit Art Bell, to bring him all the comfort they could, as he faces the future alone, after the death of his beloved wife Ramona. As so often happens, Anne got a message during the journey.

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Whitley's Journal: A Meditation on Art & Death

In his new journal Whitley writes: "I went through [what Art Bell is going through] in some small way in the days after Anne fell ill a year ago October. I will never, ever forget how supportive he and Ramona were, and how good all of you were to me?On that long first night at the hospital, I sat with three of our beloved fans with me?three of...

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Art Bell Website Problems (18 July Update)

Art Bell's website remains offline in many areas and is slow to load, but is working. It is expected to return to normal function by the end of the week, if not before.

Mr. Bell has been off the air due to a back injury but is recovering and expects to return to his late-night broadcast soon.

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Whitley on Coast to Coast Tonight

Whitley Strieber will be appearing on Coast-to-Coast AM on the night of July 9-10. He'll be discussing alien abductions and reading from rarely heard and seen letters that paint a picture of this experience that is totally different from what the UFO community says is happening.

Be prepared to be amazed. These stories are stranger by...

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Art Bell Returns to Coast-To-Coast

Art Bell returns to Coast-to-Coast AM effective February 5. He has gotten past many of the difficult issues that took up his time and occupied his mind for so long.

A statement from Whitley Strieber:

I have just talked on the phone to Art and he is extremely happy about his return to the air. He said, "I'm gonna be a little rusty...

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