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Mystery Cloth

In 1998, Virginia artist Athalyn Rose found a large (9 X 15 foot) piece of muslin cloth. Gradually, Biblical images began to appear on it.

The images were not painted on either side of this gigantic cloth, but are deeply embedded within the fibers of the...
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Who Steals Art?

There have been some major art thefts from museums lately and when this happens, the public often thinks back to films like "The Thomas Crown Affair" and "How to Steal a Million," where sophisticated thieves rappel down through skylights to make off with incredibly valuable art. But the reality is not nearly so glamorous....
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Our Brains Can't Tell Real Art From Fakes

When we view art, a complex series of activities go on in the brain, which help us to appreciate it. The aesthetic experience integrates sensory and emotional reactions in a manner linked with their personal relevance. BUT viewing art which we're told is "fake" DOES NOT stimulate the same type of brain reactions.
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The Secret of the Mona Lisa

Art by some of the most famous painters in history, such as Leonardo DaVinci (who painted, among other things, the Mona Lisa) is often described in writings by their contemporaries. When the paintings that have been written about can no longer be found, art historians begin...
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Real or Fake?

How can we tell if something is real? Forgeries of paintings by famous artists, even ones that have hung in museums for years, are now being identified using a new scientific method. Even the authenticity of a Jackson Pollack "drip" painting can now be verified.

A "library" of the artist's works is collected on a computer. The images are...

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Pain relief from ART

The Mozart Effect may not work, but the power of art to heal emotional wounds is well known, but could contemplating a beautiful painting have the same effect on physical pain? If so, this is the BEST KIND of placebo!

Italian researcher Marina de Tommaso asked 12 men and women to pick the paintings they considered the ugliest and the...

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Secret of the Water Lilies

We've reported before about how artists' diseases may have influenced their art. Now researchers think that Monet?s blurred vision, caused by cataracts, may have influenced his famous paintings of water lilies.

In the Independent, Jonathan Brown reports that US ophthalmologist Michael Marmor says that Monet's cataracts would have made...

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Mona Lisa Finally Speaks

Over the years, there have been suggestions that the enigmatic portrait that is known as the Mona Lisa is actually a portrait of the artist, Leonardo DaVinci, painted as a woman, which is why the sitters identity has been lost to history. In the movie and book The DaVinci Code, it's alleged that the person sitting next to Jesus in his Last...

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Some Artworks May Have Been Created by Disease

We can be thankful that modern medicine exists today, but if it had existed during the 16th to 19th centuries, the world might have missed out on the work of some of the world's most creative painters, sculptors and poets.

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Artists Different After Disease

Even a minor stroke can change the way painters create art. Their painting style can change, as well as the colors they choose. In the Journal of Neurology, scientists report on their studies of two professional painters, both of whom had a stroke, and how it changed their art.

In one artist, the stroke was in the occipital lobe of the...

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Art by Dana Augustine

Many have you have long admired the artistic mastheads created by Dana Augustine for every Dreamland and Mysterious Powers show. Now you can view them all over again on our new Dana Augustine page, where you can click on each small image to enlarge it. You can find the page by clicking Mindframe at the top of our homepage or click here.

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We're Painting the Icebergs Red

In "Alice in Wonderland," Alice meets the Queen of Hearts, who is having all the white roses painted red. In the Disney film of that story, playing cards sing the song, "We're painting the roses red!" We're reminded of this scene because Danish artist Marco Evaristti is painting an iceberg off the coast of Greenland red. He says, "We all have a...

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Rembrandt Had Bad Piercing

Piercing is popular, but sometimes infection can set in. The artist Rembrandt may have had problems with a pierced ear, especially since he lived before the invention of antibiotics, according to British surgeon Ben Cohen. In many of his self-portraits, Rembrandt paints himself with a deformed left earlobe, and earrings were fashionable for men...

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Old Paintings Become 3D

Want to walk around inside a great old master painting, rather than just stand back and look at it hanging on the wall? Microsoft has developed a program that lets you have the feeling of literally being inside a religious painting by an Old Master. "You feel yourself present in the painting and could even find yourself next to Christ," says...

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