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Mysterious Sonar Pings Recorded in Canada's Arctic Territory

A mysterious pinging sound has been reported over the past year coming from the waters of Fury and Hecla Strait in Canada's Nunavut territory. The sound, apparently readily detectable by sonar equipment, is being blamed for a sudden scarcity of marine wildlife, normally-abundant in the channel that runs between the western end of Baffin Island and...
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Arctic Ice at 2nd Lowest Level on Record, Allowing Clear Navigation to the North Pole

Despite a cool, cloudy summer, the ice levels in the Arctic have shrunk enough to tie with the second-lowest Arctic sea ice minimum, recorded in 2007. "Historically such weather conditions slow down the summer ice loss, but we still got down to essentially a tie for second lowest on the satellite record," reports US National Snow and Ice...
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Same Problem, Different Effects: Two Temperature Consequences from the Ends of the Earth

There's really no place to hide from the heat: new reports from both ends of the world show just some of the consequences of a steadily warming planet. The NSIDC and NASA have announced a new record low in the Arctic sea ice cover, and the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is suffering a devastating bleaching event -- both the result of higher...
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Unprecedented Hole Appears in Polar Ice

The thinning of the north polar cap has been a concern of scientists for years, but this summer it appears that the ice is thinning fastest at its center, right around the pole itself. This is unexpected and unprecedented and could lead to an ice-free arctic much sooner than expected. Most scientists did not expect such an event to take place for...
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Lowest Mid-Latitude Temps in Years as Arctic Heats Up

The spring of 2013 will be the coolest in 50 years in the British...
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Fire in the Lake

Methane is bubbling out of the bottoms of Arctic lakes, to the extent that, if you put a match to the surface of one of them, they catch on FIRE.

Some of it seems to be coming--not from the bottom mud--but from deeper geologic reservoirs that contain hundreds of times more methane than is in the atmosphere now. Due to...
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Why One Pole Melts and the Other Doesn't

Different Things are happening at the top and bottom of our world: Antarctica is gaining MORE ice, at the same time that glaciers are melting in the Arctic. What's causing this...
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Melt Menace

The Arctic melt that has opened up the Northwest Passage again may be good for business, but it's bad for potential terrorism against the US.

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Arctic Melt Good News for Business

For the last 60 years, the Arctic has warmed twice as fast as the rest of the Earth, and some Asians business people are taking advantage of this fact. The thawing at the top of the globe gives access to incredible mineral wealth and drastically shorter shipping routes to the Atlantic through the now reopened...
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New Whitley Strieber Insight on Climate

In his dynamic new Insight, Whitley Strieber points out that time is running out--it's time for big business AND environmentalists to WORK TOGETHER to...
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NASA Spots Arctic Melt

NASA doesn't just search for life on other planets, its satellites also search the Earth for evidence of melting glaciers. Their "IceSat," which uses lasers to measure the thickness of ice, has discovered that Arctic ice is vanishing 50% faster than expected--at a...
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Sea Rise will be Higher on East Coast

The Arctic is melting and the sea level is rising--but it won't rise evenly around the globe. In the US, oceanographers tell us that the East coast will be the first place in the US that will be inundated....
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Methane Outgassing in the Arctic

The Master of the Key said in 1998: "You will see the demon revealed in those who refuse to acknowledge the signs. Remember that there is within you a powerful death-urge. But remember also, that...
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Where the Next War Will Be

The next war may be when China tries to reclaim Taiwan OR it may be when Russia tries to reclaim the Arctic. Russia's defense minister says the military will deploy two army brigades--of thousands...
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War in the Arctic

We once predicted that World War III would be fought over the moon, but now it looks like it will fought over the newly-opened (thanks to glacier melt) passage in the Arctic.

The Northeast Passage from Russia to Asia is a shortcut from the traditional route through Europe, the Suez Canal and around India. It's a great opportunity for...

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Why the Arctic is Melting

Instead of cooling down - New research indicates that Arctic temperatures in the 1990s reached their warmest level of any decade in at least 2,000 years. In fact, the Arctic would be COOLING right now if it wasn't for the greenhouse gas emissions that are overpowering natural climate patterns, such as reduction in sunspots....

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Arctic Meltdown

Satellite data reveal that the Arctic is losing its old, thick ice faster than ever before?in modern times, anyway. This has continued even though the summer is over. Older ice floes are thicker and contain less salt, so they usually survive the summer better than the more newly-formed ice. The shrinking of Arctic ice has global implications,...

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California Weather in the Arctic

Parts of the arctic are experiencing an incredible heat wave, with temperatures reaching above 72 degrees?the same as current weather conditions in parts of California!

In the Oct. 3 edition of the Independent, Steve Connor quotes researcher Scott Lamoureux as saying, "The landscape was being torn to pieces, literally before our eyes."...

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Cold War May Continue, Over North Pole?UPDATE

UPDATE - We've long predicted a war over the moon, due to the precious Helium 3 fuel lying on its surface. But the FIRST of the modern energy wars may be over the north pole, which Russia has claimed by planting a Russian flag on floor of the Arctic ocean, just below the pole. This dispute is going on because of all the...

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New Ocean in the Arctic

Doug O'Harra reports in the Anchorage Daily News that the polar ice cap has been shrinking so fast due to global warming that ships may be sailing through the Northwest Passage each summer by 2015, according to a U.S. Navy report. Commercial ships have wanted to use the Northwest Passage for hundreds of years, ever since the area was first...

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