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Ants May Help Us Understand ETs

The biologist Edward O. Wilson has made a protracted study of the behavior of ants, as a way of understanding human culture. Since Whitley (and other contactees) often report that...
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Creating Monster Ants

Scientists have created monster ants from ordinary ones by using a special hormone on the larvae of ordinary worker ants to create monster "supersoldiers."

Supersoldier ants can be born naturally but are rare, and occur in Mexican and US deserts, where they've evolved to protect their colonies from invading ants.
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Insects Fight Terrorism

New research may lead to the use of insects to monitor hazardous situations before sending in humans. But we'd better get there soon, because...
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Ant Farms

Didn't know that some ants are farmers, did you? Leafcutter ants, that live in New World tropical forests, harvest fresh leaves and "plant" them deep underground, in order to grow a nutrient-rich fungus as food. In fact, the leafcutter can't survive without it....
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Ant Slaves

In the old days in the Old South, rich plantation owners had teams of slaves to do the work for them. It turns out that ants are farmers too AND they also have slaves! And just like people who purchased strong humans,...
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Ant Zombies

Zombies are now showing up in movies and books, but these didn't originate in Haiti: A 48-million-year-old fossilized leaf gives us the oldest known evidence of parasites taking control of their hosts to turn them into zombies.

Researcher David P Hughes, who studies parasites that can take over the minds of their hosts, says, "This leaf...

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Insects are amazing, but sometimes they're annoying (and even dangerous): First it was bedbugs, now it's fire ants.

Ants can be formidable. Fire ants (they got the name "fire" because they sting) used to be found outdoors in warm climates, but now they've moved to the city. Once they're in the city, they form massive supercolonies with...

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Ants More Rational

than our politicians - Humans aren't always rational, but ants almost always are. Maybe we have something to learn from them. If we go extinct, insects may end up being the next dominant species here on earth.

This is not the case of humans being "stupider" than ants. Humans and animals simply often make irrational...

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Bug Walk

Bees use visual cues to find flowers with nectar and do a "bee dance" back at the hive to tell the others where to find them too. Once ants find a good source of food, they also return to the nest to tell others about it, but scientists have always wondered how ants, who often navigate in the dark, are able to find their way back home from...

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It's Official: They're Taking Over

A supercolony of ants has been discovered stretching over 3,000 miles from the Italian Riviera along the coastline to northwest Spain. It's the largest group of ants ever recorded, according to Swiss, French and Danish scientists. The colony consists of billions of Argentine ants living in millions of nests, and they all cooperate with one...

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