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Is Depression An Infectious Disease?

Major depressive disorder (MDD) should be re-conceptualized as an infectious disease, according to Turhan Canli, PhD, Associate Professor of Psychology and Radiology at Stony Brook University. In a paper published in Biology of Mood & Anxiety Disorders, Dr.Canli suggests that major depression may result from parasitic, bacterial, or viral...
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Can We Google The Secret To Happiness?

There isn't much that you can't find out via Google, but can you really find the secret of "happiness?

Stress and dissatisfaction are common issues in the workplace; in fact, across the world the insidious march of depression's "black dog" is claiming more and more victims. Statistically, depression in the global...
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Depression Can Be GOOD for You

Sadness, apathy, preoccupation--these traits come to mind when people think about depression, the world’s most frequently diagnosed mental disorder. Yet there's new evidence that depression has a positive side-effect: Depressed people perform...
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