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Anthrax May be US Made

It has been discovered that the bacteria used for the anthrax attacks in the U.S. is either the strain we used to make anthrax weapons in the 1960s, or close to it. It is not a strain that Iraq or the former Soviet Union mass-produced for weapons.

Some experts have recently said that the fact that the anthrax was ?weaponized? (that is,...

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Mysterious Coating May Reveal Source of Anthrax

It has been discovered that the anthrax spores that contaminated Senator Thomas Daschle?s office were treated with a chemical additive so sophisticated that only three nations are capable of making it. Experts in anthrax weapons say they have no doubt that such an additive was present based on the high dispersal rate from the letter sent to...

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Chemical Created That Neutralizes Anthrax

Scientists have created a synthetic compound that disables the toxin that makes anthrax so dangerous. Also, a second research team has discovered a gene that protects some mice against anthrax. Together, these discoveries could lead to an antidote to anthrax.

When someone inhales spores of anthrax, the bacteria unleashes 3 proteins that...

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The Anthrax Attack: What Kind and Where Does It Come From?

Leroy Richmond, age 57, who works in the District of Columbia post office, has come down with inhaled anthrax and is seriously ill. Another worker has been diagnosed with the inhaled form of the disease.

Richmond works in the main processing center in the area where workers handle the mail that is delivered to Senator Daschle?s office...

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Russia May Be Source of Anthrax

The hunt for the source of the weapons-grade anthrax that has been used in recent attacks on the media and the government has led investigators down many false roads.

The focus has been on Iraq, but according to the world?s leading germ warfare experts, suspicion points more directly at Russia?s military industrial complex. ?The obvious...

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Anthrax hits CBS News and Nairobi

A CBS News employee has tested positive for anthrax infection, meaning that all 3 major television networks have been targeted by terrorists. The FBI has posted a $1 million reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people involved in mailing the deadly bacteria.

The latest person to become infected is a woman...

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Anthrax Attacks on Government and Media

Governor George Pataki?s midtown Manhattan office has tested positive for anthrax. No workers are currently known to have been exposed. About 80 employees were evacuated, but other offices in the building remain open.

The governor?s Manhattan offices, on the 38th and 39th floors of 633 Third Avenue between 40th and 41st streets, have...

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FBI--Militias May Be Behind Anthrax Attacks

The FBI domestic terrorism unit is investigating the possible role of illegal militia groups in the anthrax outbreaks in Florida and New York.

Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber who killed 168 people when he blew up a federal building in 1995, belonged to a militia, the National Alliance.

Other groups have threatened to use...

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American Media Mailroom Worker Now Has Pulmonary Anthrax

Despite the fact that it was believed a few days ago that Ernesto Blanca, the 73-year old American Media employee who was exposed to anthrax, had been safely placed on antibiotics, he has been diagnosed with the pulmonary form of the disease.

Pulmonary anthrax is an extremely serious illness, with a high fatality rate. Bob Stevens, the...

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LA Break-In Raises Question: Are Water and Food Supplies Safe?

The FBI is looking into a recent break-in at a construction site in California, where thieves stole several map books that describe the water supply for 22 Bay Area cities, including Oakland and Berkeley, along with a tool used to open water valves, according to Charles Hardy, spokesman for the East Bay Municipal Utility District.


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Daschle Office Gets Anthrax; Bush Says Possible Terror Link

When an envelope containing anthrax arrived as the office of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, the question of who is behind this terror attack was raised anew. President Bush stated that there is a possible terror link, and the question became, who would be supplying the anthrax spores to the terrorists?

Investigators looking into the...

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Baby of ABC News Employee Has Anthrax

The baby of an ABC News employee has tested positive for cutaneous anthrax. Until now, there had been no reports of any suspicious envelopes or other signs of an anthrax attack at ABC News. The child had visited the set of World News Tonight on September 28.

Commentary from There are still officials talking about a '...

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An NBC Nightly News employee at NBC's 30 Rockefeller Plaza headquarters in New York City has tested positive for the cutaneous form of anthrax. The exposure is believed to have resulted from handling mail that was received at NBC on September 25. The victim is expected to recover fully.

The suspicious envelope arrived at NBC two and a...

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Cutaneous Anthrax Lesion

This is a well-developed cutaneous anthrax lesion. In an earlier stage, the sore will be smaller, and the open area will still be covered by necrotized skin tissue, which will be dark in color. The lesion will not be painful.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site, will have any links removed.

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Florida Anthrax May Be Manmade

Environmental tests on the American Media building in Boca Raton, Florida, indicate there are no traces of the anthrax bacteria in the building except those found on the computer keyboard of a man who died from the disease, according to Florida health official Frank Penela, who stressed that the testing is not yet complete. The building remains...

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Anthrax Was Stolen From Iowa Lab

CBS News is reporting that the anthrax used in the attack at the offices of American Media in Boca Raton was stolen from a lab in Iowa. The strain of anthrax had been manufactured in the 1950s. The spores were over forty years old and still hearty.

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Was Anthrax Mailed to Florida Office Building?

Investigators are trying to determine if a letter that arrived in the mailroom of a Florida tabloid publishing company could be the source of anthrax bacteria that killed an employee. Robert Stevens, 63, died Friday of inhalation of anthrax. He was a photo editor at The Sun, a supermarket tabloid published by American Media Inc., which employs...

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Suspicious Substance Closes IRS Office

As of 7:00PM EDT, the IRS Service Center in Covington, Kentucky that had been locked down earlier because of a suspicious substance found in an envelope, had been reopened. The material was found not to be dangerous.

At approximately 3:00 PM the 3,500-employee IRS office was placed under a full lockdown, as hazardous materials experts...

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More Anthrax in Florida

State and local health officials have closed the American Media Inc. building where a 63-year-old Florida man who died of anthrax worked, after a sample from the building and from another employee showed the presence of the bacterium that causes anthrax. The second man, Ernesto Blanca, who has tested positive for the anthrax bacteria, may never...

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