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Anne: Lady in Autumn

Whitley Strieber has written a journal reflecting on Anne's life and contribution. He reports that she is still on the road of recovery from her stroke, and they are confidently expecting that she will return home in the near future. At present, what caused her stroke is unclear, and her medical team is running tests to determine this and develop...
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Update on Anne Strieber's Health & Request for Your Loving Prayers

Dear Friends & Supporters of Anne & Whitley:

Thank you so much for your loving prayers for Anne. Here's the update from Whitley:

"Anne is entering therapy in an effort to restore as much of her lost speech and ability to walk as possible. There is the possibility of another stroke, so prayers and good...
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Anne Strieber's Martin Luther King Day Message

Back in 2007, Anne Strieber published a diary called "Race." It's a subject that's very important to her, and she has requested that we publish a link to it today, in honor of the memory of Martin Luther King. To read 'Race,' click here.
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Anne Strieber to Attend Revelations Symposium

Anne Strieber's recovery has proceeded far enough to enable her to attend the Revelations Symposium where she and Clare Henry will present a program on angels in their lives. Until today, Anne's plans were unsure, but her doctor has cleared her to make the trip, so we're going to enjoy a...
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12 Conditions of a Miracle for Christmas

As Dreamland's Christmas show, Whitley and Anne Strieberoffer 12 Conditions of a Miracle, a discussion of ToddMichael's exceptional book about the Miracle of the Loavesand Fishes. The Striebers believe that the wisdom in thisbook played an important role in the nearly impossible eventthat has made this the best Christmas of their lives: Anne'...

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New Anne's Diary: Do Animals Have Souls?

After her Saturday appearance on Coast to Coast AM, AnneStrieber was flooded with emails about peoples' experienceswith their animals coming back after death, and meetingtheir animals in near death experiences.

She has collected a sample of these beautiful and inspiringemails and woven them into her latest diary entry, Do Animals Have...

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Anne & Whitley on Coast with Art Bell Tonight

Anne &Whitley Strieber will be on Coast to Coast AM with ArtBell tonight (Saturday, December 18) from 10 to 11 Pacifictime. Besides tellingabout her near death experience, Anne willalso talk about her new novelAnInvisible Woman, anexciting thriller which isbased on something that really happened to her--she reallydid become invisible in her...

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Text of Anne Strieber Chat Available

Normally, the text of live subscriber chats appear only in our subscriber section. However, Anne Strieber especially requested that her chat be placed in the public area of the site. You can read it by clickinghere.

Please also subscribe to our site. We need you and you need us, because there is no other place like Unknowncountry in the...

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Anne Strieber Tells Subscribers a Secret

Anne Strieber has returned home, and she's back with apowerful and profound message about what it is really liketo go as close to death as possible, but not cross over. Sheoffers our subscribers a fifteen minute interview duringwhich she describes the experience of coming close to death,and discovering the secret of the afterlife.


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New Anne's Diary: the Love that Led Me Home

Anne Strieber offers her first diary entry since hercerebral accident, and it is a powerful and totallyunexpected tale of a journey into the afterlife. Anne hasgone on a true shaman's journey, with no guarantee of returnand every chance that she would not return.

But she has returned, in many ways her old self, but not inall ways. Her...

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Anne Strieber On the Road

Anne Strieber has left intensive care and is beginningstrength rehabilitation. She has lost strength due to amonth of medically necessary bed rest, and must engage inspecial exercises to regain it. She has no neurologicaldeficits, and is expected to make a full recovery.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site...

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Whitley's Journal: I've Got My Girl Back!

Whitley Strieber has written another beautiful journal entryabout the ordeal he is sharing with his beloved wife Anne.This one speaks of the great triumph that is unfolding intheir lives--Anne is coming back, she's waking up. AsWhitley puts it, "I've got my girl back!"

To read it, click here.

Did you know that Anne Strieber is...

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Anne Strieber in Strong Recovery

Anne Strieber has left intensive care and is making a strongand full recovery from her recent intercranial bleed. Shehas licked all of her infections and is on an excellent roadto complete recovery.

Anne says thanks for all your prayers and healing. Shefirmly believes that you were a silent but powerful partnerwith her superb medical...

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Anne Strieber Update

As of November 10, Anne Strieber has licked her infectionand is again on the road to recovery. She is resting well,but bored with life in an Intensive Care Unit and hopeful,if her illness does not take any more difficult turns, to bereleased from ICU care in a few days.

NOTE: This news story, previously published on our old site...

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Anne Strieber Update

Anne Strieber is back on a more steady road to recovery. Itis hoped that she will leave intensive care within 10 days.Her pneumonia is now behind her and efforts are being madeto determine other sources for her fever.

She has expressed her gratitude for your prayers andhealing, and we have read her many of your letters, whichhave given...

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Anne Strieber's Recovery Status

Anne is not as alert as she has been, but her doctors arehoping that, once her fever has broken, she will become morealert. She has had a temperature of between 99 and 102 forfifteen days, and this, plus the difficulty of deep sleep inthe ICU, has, they believe, made her consciousness declinetemporarily.

However, they are still...

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Anne Strieber Recovery Update

Anne Strieber continues to recover, but is still battlingpneumonia. The disease is not believed to belife-threatening, but she is improving only slowly.

She is out of neurological danger and now able to sleepwithout being tested for neurological signs every hour, soit is hoped that she will gain the strength to heal.

Your prayers...

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Anne Still Has Pneumonia

November 4, 2004: Anne Strieber is not believed to be indanger at this time, but doctors are struggling to defeat apersistent but relatively low-grade pneumonia that has kepther on artificial breathing support since Tuesday.

Your prayers to defeat Anne's infection would be mostappreciated, and always remember to pray for all sick...

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20 Oct 2004 Anne Strieber Update

As of October 20 at 9:00PM, Anne is past the immediatecrisis, and continues to recover well. If all goes asexpected, she will be hospitalized for one or two months.However, there are many rivers yet to cross. Over the nextweek, she is at high risk for vasospasm, a narrowing of theblood vessels in the brain due to the trauma associated withthe...

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Anne Strieber Recovering from Stroke

At 9:30 PM on Saturday, October 16, Anne Strieberexperienced a subarachnoid hemorrhage. This is caused by thebursting of an aneurysm in the brain and is usuallyasymptomatic until the stroke takes place. There was no warning.

Anne received excellent care very quickly, thanks to fastand effective support at the Kaiser-Permanente...

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The Future of Unknowncountry

Many of you have expressed your love and good wishes forAnne and Whitley, and also asked what will happen The website is a large operation andwill continue. As Anne was news editor, there will obviouslybe a period of time while the news is not updated as frequently.

Dreamland will continue with William Henry as host...

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New Anne's Diary: Destiny or Karma

As the Bush Administration appears to back away from its initial resolve to make a genuine effort to end state-sponsored terrorism, Anne Strieber speculates on the qualities that make some presidents rise to great historical challenges, and others to be engulfed by them. She expresses the hope that President Bush will be one of those who...

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