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Building an Ark in Space

The European Space Agency wants to build a Noah's Ark on theMoon, in case the Earth is destroyed by an asteroid ornuclear holocaust. It could also save species destroyed byglobal warming.

In, Pallab Ghosh quotes the ESA?s Dr. BernardFoing as saying, "If there were a catastrophic collision onEarth or a nuclear war you could...

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Animals Acting Strangely

We've written recently about animals that are missing orturning up in the wrong places due to global warming and thepole shift. A recent "bug splat" test in the U.K. found manyfewer insects that expected. And all over the world,scientists are finding hyperactive fish, stupid frogs,fearless mice and seagulls that fall over?all due topollution....

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Panda Porn Results

Pandas are becoming endangered even in zoos, because it'shard to get them interested in sex. A Chinese zoo showedfemale panda Hua Meipanda porn inorder to get her interested in mating--and it worked. Shejust gave birth to twins.

Li Wei, of the Wolong Panda Conservation Center, says, "Weare all very excited. The cubs are in good...
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A giant 62-mile-long colony of ants from Argentina hasinvaded Melbourne, Australia. In their native country, theyform smaller groups, but in Australia, they've merged intoone huge super colony, killing off native insects.

Biologist Elissa Suhr says, "In Argentina, their nativehomeland, ant colonies?are genetically diverse and...

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Another Noah's Ark

A group of scientists are collecting the tissues ofendangered animals and freezing them, so they will be ableto create clones later on, if the animals become extinct.

Zoologist Phil Rainbow says, "Natural catastrophes apart,the current rate of animal loss is the greatest in thehistory of the earth and the fate of animal species...

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Beach Blobs

The strange "beach blobs" that have been washing up on the shores of beaches worldwide have finally been identified.

Jon Copley writes in New Scientist that the "Chilean Blob" and other similar gobs of goo found on beaches are the remains of whales.

In July 2003, a 13-ton blob washed ashore in Chile. Since it contained no bones,...

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Panda Porn

The Chinese know how to get sexually shy pandas to mate in captivity: Show them panda pornography. The project has been a success: Hua Mei is finally pregnant. Zookeepers are worried that pandas may die out because it's so hard to get them interested in sex.

Hua Mei was born to two zoo pandas on loan from the San Diego zoo, and is the...
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Pigs with Wings & Cactus with Human Hair

Some scientists are manipulating genes in bizarre ways that seem to have no practical use. Are they creating science or art? Or are they just making monsters?

New Scientist reports that Laura Cinti has created a cactus that grows human hair. She says, "Hair is a sign of reproduction, a sign of our bodies changing, becoming or being...

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Killer Stalks Brazilian Zoo

59 animals have been killed in the Sao Paulo Zoo since last month, including an elephant, dromedaries, monkeys and porcupines. Tests show the animals were killed with a rat poison that is banned in Brazil.

For Reuters, Paula Lace quotes Sao Paulo minister Joao Carlos Meirelles as saying, "We can say with almost total certainty that the...

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Green Bears in Singapore

Visitors to the Singapore zoo have noticed that the polar bears there have turned green. At first it was suspected that someone had sneaked into the compound and spray pained them. But then it was discovered that algae is growing in their fur. "The harmless algae is the result of Singapore's warm and humid climate," says zoo spokesman Vincent...

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All Snakes are Poisonous

An Australian researcher has discovered that all snakes have poisonous venom, including pet snakes that are considered harmless. Bryan Fry says, "We even isolated from a rat snake, a snake common in pet stores, a typical cobra-style neurotoxin, one that is as potent as comparative toxins found in close relatives of the cobra."


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Kangaroos Running Wild Near Paris

Fifty kangaroos escaped from a French nature preserve 30 years ago are happily living in a forest west of Paris. A park employee says, "The kangaroos' presence in the forest didn't happen yesterday. They began making the woods their own after some people who tried to steal them released several of them." There are even Kangaroo Crossing signs...

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The Shocking Stuff in Pet Food

What's in pet food? Other pets! Euthanised dogs and cats from veterinarians and animal shelters are routinely picked up and made into pet food, turning our pets into cannibals.

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Monkey Business

Formosan macaques are legally protected in Taiwan, so the monkeys feel free to pester local farmers. In Taitung County, the owner of a poultry farm says groups of the monkeys play pranks on his chickens, like plucking out their feathers or placing the hens on branches high up in trees.

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Birds No Longer Scared of Us

Attacks on humans by gulls and buzzards are increasing, meaning some birds may be learning to fear us less. Other birds are adapting to our presence by changing their songs, so they can be heard above the traffic noise.

Simon de Bruxelles writes in the Times of London that buzzards have been divebombing walkers and even attacking people...

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Giant Blobs and Walking Coffins

Some strange creatures have come up from the deep lately. Scientists in New Zealand have discovered the walking coffin fish, the wonky-eyed squid and the Pacific spookfish. Researchers in Chile found a giant beached blob.

The huge, gelatinous sea creature was found stranded on the beach in Chile. Biologist Elsa Cabrera, who found the...

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Dangerous Pets

When we think of dangerous pets, we imagine pet lions, alligators or boa constrictors. But a pet prairie dog can be just as dangerous. A giant Gambian rat, imported to a pet store from Africa, infected prairie dogs for sale in the same store with Monkey Pox, a smallpox-like disease found only in Africa. People who handled the prairie dogs got...

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Counting Critters

It's been discovered that salamanders can count and dogs can do calculus. When salamanders have a choice between tubes containing two fruit flies or three, they always go for the tube of three. And dogs always figure out the most efficient route to take when catching a ball.

However, the mathematical abilities of salamanders are limited...

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New Tape Lets You Move Like Spiderman

Scientists have studied geckos, the lizards that like to walk on the ceiling, and have created a sticky tape that will allow humans to do the same thing. Each gecko toe is covered by billions of tiny hair-like structures which set up tiny electrical charges, allowing the animal to cling to a wall or ceiling. So far, scientists have only been...

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Mice & Birds are a Lot Like Us

We feel more rapport with animals every day?we now know that mice construct road signs so they can find their way around and birds can be duped by "advertising."

Pavel Stopka and David Macdonald wondered how wood mice find their way through fields. They discovered the mice move objects around to mark sites that contain food or a quick...

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Hummers Still Here

One sign of climate change is that birds fly south later in the fall, or migrate to new areas when it gets cold. Bird watchers on the East Coast have been amazed to find that hummingbirds are still around, even though most of the other birds in the area have flown south for the winter. "Twenty or 25 years ago, if you said you saw a hummingbird...

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Cat Litter Leads to Car Crashes

If you're the one who empties the cat litter, you're morelikely to have a car crash. Scientists warn that the diseasetoxoplasmosis can increase your risk of an auto accidentbecause the cysts which form your the nerves and muscletissue could reduce your ability to concentrate. Theparasites live in soil and are carried by cats, so you canget the...

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Cat Talk, Sniffer Bees & Glowing Fish

Cats, which have lived alongside people for thousands of years, have adapted their "meows" to better communicate with humans, according to Nicholas Nicastro and Michael Owren of Cornell University's Psychology of Voice and Sound Laboratory. "Cats are obviously very dependent on people for their needs," says Nicastro. "I think cats have evolved...

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New Fish Mystify French

French chefs are going to have to think up some new dishes, since new kinds fish are appearing in the waters off the French coast. Along with the oceans in the rest of the world, these waters are warming, and scientists think this may be the cause of the arrival of these non-native species. Othercauses could be new feeding patterns or pollution...

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More Weird Animal Stories-Are They Smarter?

Animals seem to be getting more intelligent lately?and they?re also getting MAD!

In India, a wild elephant pulled a man down from a tree, trampled him to death, and has been carrying the corpse around as a grisly souvenir for the past 2 weeks. Police haven?t been able to get it away from him.

The man climbed the tree to get away...

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