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Researchers Suggest That Climate Change Destroyed Ancient Empires

Yesterday, Unknown Country reported the amazing news that the technology had been developed to turn water into fuel, but we asked the question, is water fast becoming a scarcer commodity than fossil fuels?
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Halloween Week on Unknown Country: Why We Should Still Be Creatures of the Night

Halloween, the time when we lure strangely-clad strangers to our homes by lighting lanterns in our windows, and offering them food and welcome at our doors.

This tradition is firmly associated with the celebration of ghosties and ghoulies and long-legged beasties and things that go bump in the night, but does it also fulfil some deep...
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Latest Technology Reveals Secrets of Egyptian Mummies

Computerised tomography (CT) scanners are normally used to create detailed images of the inside of the body, but they have recently been used to scan more unusual patients.

Eight Egyptian mummy exhibits from The British Museum in London have been transported to hospitals across the city under the cover of darkness and placed inside CT...
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Study Reveals Stonehenge Sited Next To U.K's Oldest Settlement

Wiltshire is historically known as one of the most weird and wonderful counties in the United Kingdom, being home to the Wiltshire "White Horses" carved into the rolling downs, the enigmatic Avebury stone circle, numerous longbarrows and burial mounds, the mysterious...
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Ancient History Reveals More Secrets

It seems that the past is still an evolving mystery with many secrets yet to reveal. Just when archaeologists think that they have our ancient history nailed, new discoveries occur which undermine all previously-held theories and leave researchers scratching their heads once more.

A new paper, published in the latest PLoS ONE,...
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Appalachians Came From India

A small population in Appalachia has been linked to an ancient tribe in India by DNA. Kevin Jones, a biologist from the University of Virginia, says that he has discovered a rare DNA sequence in the area that is shared by a Northern India tribe called the Siddis. In Apalachia, they are known as the Melungeons.

The Siddis are descendants...

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