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Natural breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatment

Natural breakthrough in Alzheimer's treatment

The latest research from the Buck Institute in Novato, California, has identified a possible trigger for Alzheimer's disease (AD), and has determined that resveratrol, an antioxidant present in red wine, could benefit sufferers. The research, which has been published this month in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, revolves...
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For a Healthy Brain, Walk to a Coffee Shop

The Master of the Key warned about it. Whitley Strieber wrote about it in Hybrids. Now US scientists say that they're on the point of creating memories that can be implanted into the human brain.

To construct the memory circuits, the scientists use a...
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Miracle Drug Found on Easter Island

Something very strange has happened: A cure for Alzheimer's may have been discovered in soil from Easter Island. Bacteria isolated from the dirt in this mysterious, isolated place has cured memory deficits in mice.

A drug called Rapamycin, which keeps the immune system from attacking transplanted organs, cured brain lesions in mice with...

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Surprising News about Alzheimers

Cell phone radiation helps PREVENT it - After all the controversy over cell phone brain damage, surprising news has emerged: It has been discovered that while cell phone radiation is bad for some people, it is actually GOOD for the brains of Alzheimer's patients.

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A CURE for Alzheimer's

If we could identify the people who will get Alzheimer's Disease while they are still children, we could get them help much earlier. Will a test for this disease soon be as common as childhood vaccinations? And a controversial new treatment for Alzheimer's is leading to what are being called "miraculous awakenings" from the disease. The family...

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Good News for 2008!

One study showed that autism can be reversed. Now a researcher has found a way to reverse the devastating condition known as Alzheimer's.

An extraordinary new scientific study, there was marked improvement in Alzheimer?s disease within minutes of administration of a therapeutic molecule. Molecules called cytokines (TNFs) are a critical...

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Alzheimer's Reversed!

We recently reported that the childhood condition of autism may be able to be reversed. Now Alzheimer's, a devastating brain disease that strikes at the end of life, may be able to be reversed as well.

Researcher have found that a special protein can be injected into the body to reverse learning problems in mice that have an animal...

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Winning the Fight (Part II)

We're finally winning the fight against cancer. Will we beat Alzheimer's next?

It's been one hundred years since Alzheimer's disease was first described, and yet our best treatments in development for the disease are still highly toxic drugs. But new research has identified a target, called casein kinase 1, that may be responsible for...

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Avoid Alzheimer's: Eat Like an Italian

Eating a Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fruits, vegetables and olive oil and includes little red meat, is associated with a lower risk for Alzheimer's disease. This was true even for people who have heart disease and diabetes. Italians are known for living to an old age, and this may be the reason why.

The Mediterranean diet...

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The Curry Cure

Curcumin, a chemical found in curry and turmeric, may help the immune system clear the brain of amyloid beta, which form the plaques found in Alzheimer's disease. And tumeric may also help prevent rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. We should obviously all be eating more Indian food!

Using blood samples from six Alzheimer's disease...

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Alzeheimer's Trigger: What You Eat?

Don't miss Anne Strieber's fascinating subscriber interview with Colm Kelleher about Alzheimer's Disease this week! Could the obesity epidemic in the US that is fueled by corn ALSO be the cause of the incredible rise in Alzheimer's Disease? New studies have found that cutting down on carbohydrates and drinking red wine may stave off the memory-...

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Alzheimer's: Cure & Prevention

We've told you about the latest on autism, AIDS and bird flu?now we present the latest news on Alzheimer's, the frightening disease that makes time meaningless.

Researchers at Columbia University Medical Center have successfully restored normal memory and brain functioning to mice suffering from Alzheimer?s disease. They have identified...

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Alzheimers Linked to Aluminum?But Not Pots & Pans

Scientists once told us not to cook with aluminum pans or foil in order to avoid Alzheimer's, but then decided it had no effect on the disease. Now the subject has come up again, since researchers have found the disease is more common in regions of Italy with high levels of aluminum in their drinking water. The confusion comes because there are...

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Do You Have the Body for Alzheimers?

Alzheimer?s disease may be more common among people with a small waist and large hips than it is among people with the opposite proportions, researchers suggest. The measurement of the waist relative to the hips, called the waist-to-hip ratio, measures the distribution of body fat. People carrying extra weight around their waist (a ?high'?...

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