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Are You Allergic to Your Water?

Food allergies are on the rise, affecting 15 million Americans, pesticides and tap water could be partially to blame. High levels of dichlorophenols, a chemical used in pesticides and to chlorinate water, when found in the human body, are associated with food allergies. An...
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You Could be Allergic to Your Cell Phone

There are lots of reasons that cell phones can be dangerous, but here's one you never thought of: You can be allergic to them!

Many of us are "allergic" to...
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Moving into Allergy Land

When you move from one town to another, you can pick up a whole new set of allergies. For instance, people say that about five years after moving to Austin, Texas, you start to get your "Austin allergies." Is that possible?

It's possible for some people to acquire new allergies, and three to five years of exposure may be...
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Green Sky in Morning

Sometimes a little can cause a lot of problems: March's unseasonably warm weather created a burst of pollen that brought this year's allergy season weeks earlier than usual, and the worst may be yet to come. Pollen counts have been high, but several areas across the United...
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Is it a Cold or an Allergy?

When winter colds and flu finally stop bothering us, but we still find ourselves sneezing, we always want to know, "Is this a cold or an allergy?" Finding out whether your symptoms are caused by a cold or allergy is the first step to finding relief, and here's how to tell. Colds are contagious and are caused by one of more than 200...
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Are You Allergic to Your Cell Phone?

Talking too much on your cell phone can be dangerous, but in a more subtle way than you might think. There are all kinds of allergies and it turns out that chatting endlessly on your cell phone can lead to an allergic...
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Climate Change Means More Allergies

Bad news for 35 million allergy sufferers: ragweed, fungal spores and poison ivy are thriving due to rising carbon dioxide levels. Additionally, leaves fed by heightened levels of carbon dioxide enable fungi to reproduce more rapidly and spread more allergenic spores, leading to higher rates of allergies and asthma. Plant physiologist Lewis Ziska...
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Allergies aren't simple: people in different countries tend to have different food allergies. In one part of Europe, some people are allergic to the flesh of apples (but not the skin), while others are allergic only to the skin!

Greeks are rarely allergic to peanuts (an allergy that afflicts many children in the US), but many of them are...

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Should You Keep Your Kids Out of the Pool This Summer?

In Europe, the number of children with asthma rises 2 to 3% for every new indoor swimming pool that is installed, meaning that asthma, in Western Europe at least, could at least partly be due to the exposure of children to the by-products of chlorine in the air and water of indoor swimming pools. And in the last decade, the number of people...

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Killer Kiss

A 15-year-old Canadian girl with a peanut allergy died after kissing her boyfriend, who had just eaten peanut butter. Peanut allergies may be on the increase because some baby products contain peanut oil.

Christina Desforges was almost immediately given a shot of adrenaline, which is the standard treatment for anaphylactic shock, but she...

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Stay Healthy: Don't Make the Bed

Hate to make your bed in the morning? Don't do it?you'llstay healthier. It's not just your mother who wants you tomake your bed, dust mites do too. While an unmade bed looksmessy, it does keep those mites away. These tiny bugs eatsloughed off skin cells and breathing air that contains themites is a common cause of asthma.


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World May Be Allergic to Euro

Two of the eight euro coins that will come into circulation in January contain so much nickel that people allergic to the metal could develop eczema. Just five minutes of contact with one-euro (88 cents) and two-euro coins containing Cupro-nickel, an alloy containing copper and nickel, could trigger symptoms that including skin inflammation and...

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