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While You Sneeze, You Wonder: Is it an Allergy or a Cold?

While parts of the East Coast have been hit with nearly 12 inches of snow, parts of the Midwest were enjoying highs into the 60s and in the same week. No wonder everyone seems to be sneezing and coughing? But do they have a cold or an allergy?

The prevalence of allergies is nothing to sneeze at. Roughly 40 million Americans suffer...
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Are You Allergic to Your Cell Phone?

Talking too much on your cell phone can be dangerous, but in a more subtle way than you might think. There are all kinds of allergies and it turns out that chatting endlessly on your cell phone can lead to an allergic...
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Are You Allergic to Sex?

Here's an unfortunate allergy! While sex can be good for you (in many ways), it turns out that even brushing your teeth or waiting hours after eating may not prevent some partners of people...
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Highrise Hay Fever

You suffer from terrible allergies every spring, but how can this be? You don't live in the country, you live and work in skyscrapers in the middle of a city. Scientists now say that tall buildings are one of the worst places for getting hay fever.

Spanish researchers studied 17,171 allergy patients who either lived in a tall building in...

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At Last: A Peanut Pill

People with peanut allergies risk their lives getting on airplanes where snacks are passed out. Kids are in danger if they go to a friend's house that has peanut butter in the cupboard. But this may all change soon, due to a new medicine which will allow them to eat almost 9 peanuts without an allergic reaction. Right now, people with severe...

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Allergies Transplanted Along with Liver

A 60-year-old Australian man received a liver transplant from a 15-year-old boy who died of anaphylactic shock after eating a peanut. Now the organ recipient has also developed a life-threatening allergy to nuts. Despite having no history of nut allergy, he had a dangerous reaction to a cashew nut 25 days after receiving the transplant. None of...

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Allergic to the Future

Rising carbon dioxide levels associated with global warming could lead to an increase in allergies to ragweed and other plants by mid-century, according to Dr. Paul Epstein of Harvard Medical School. His study found that ragweed grown in an atmosphere with double the current carbon dioxide levels produced 61 percent more pollen than normal. A...

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