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Are You Allergic to Sex?

Here's an unfortunate allergy! While sex can be good for you (in many ways), it turns out that even brushing your teeth or waiting hours after eating may not prevent some partners of people...
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Pets are Good for Allergies

Kids who live in a home with at least 2 dogs or cats for the first year of their life are half as likely to become allergic to them than kids who grow up with only one dog or cat, or none. These new findings contradict traditional medical advice that pets cause allergies in children. Dennis Ownby, of the Medical College of Georgia, says, "...

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Are Your Kids Too Clean?

If you bathe your baby everyday, he or she may have a higher risk of developing asthma or eczema. Scientists at the University of Bristol in the U.K. say a child's immune system needs exposure to dirt in order to develop correctly.

Asthma affects more children around the world every year. One theory says that families are smaller, so...
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People Made Sick by Animals?and Vice-Versa

There?s lots of circumstantial evidence that pets in the home can cause allergies and asthma, but scientists aren?t sure exactly how it works. For instance, a recent study in Finland found that the risk of developing asthma was higher among people who had previously owned pets. But there are also studies suggesting that living with pets can...

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