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Weekender: Is Our Limited Understanding Preventing Us From Recognizing Alien Life Forms?

The search for extraterrestrial life has been an ongoing quest for decades, but finding alien life relies on our ability to recognize it.

Is there any guarantee that other life forms would manifest in a form that we would immediately be able to identify? Are we wrong to assume that all life must be derived from the same chemical...
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Scientists Declare "Life May Be Universal"

The romantic notion of "stardust" has inspired authors, poets and song-writers for decades, leading to a dictionary definition that describes it as "a magical or charismatic quality or feeling."

Despite its enchanting reputation, this seemingly mystical substance is not merely confined to the imagination but is a...
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Weekender: Earth-like planets may be common and populated by "designer humans"

Scientists now confirm that there is a high probability that the universe harbours an abundance of habitable planets.

NASA's Kepler telescope has provided information to indicate that one in every five sun-like stars is orbited by planets comparable to Earth. In broad terms, this means that there could be billions of planets capable...
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Scientists Try to Tune In Alien Radio Signal

In August 1977, radio astronomers in the U.S. detected what could have beena signal from intelligent life somewhere in the solar system, from the nowdismantled "Big Ear" radio telescope at Ohio University. The trouble was, itonly happened once.

This signal became known as the "Wow" signal, because the astronomer Jerry Ehman, who spotted...

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