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Wake Up!

A new branch of science has to do with being zapped by light. Contactees (NOTE: Subscribers can listen to this provocative interview) often...
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Ashcroft Warns of New 'Credible Threat'

A new threat of a possible terrorist attack against the domestic United States has been uncovered by investigators. Attorney General John Ashcroft has described this threat as 'credible,' and has issued a terrorist threat advisory to law enforcement entities around the country.

He has asked all persons who observe what they regard as...

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FBI Says Another Threat for Sunday

The FBI has said that there is a threat of a terrorist attack against an American target in the US or abroad tomorrow, according to a New York Times report. Government officials told the Times that the alert was an attempt to be careful, and that it was "an accumulation of tidbits."

On Saturday, a Delta Airlines flight from New York to...

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US Warning of More Serious Attacks

Reuters is reporting that Japanese government officials have told the Jiji News Agency in Tokyo that the US has warned its allies of a possible second round of attacks by the end of this week.

The next round of attacks would be on a greater scale than the destruction of the World Trade Center and the damage to the Pentagon. Jiji quoted...

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Some Indications that More Attacks are Possible this Weekend

According to the Times of London, there are indications that additional terror attacks may be planned for this weekend.

The most solid evidence so far is the discovery that five associates of the suicide gang had booked seats on two flights from Texas to California on Saturday. FBI agents are trying to capture as many key operatives as...

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