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Alcohol Can Rewire Our Brains

Is it possible to rewire our brain? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Sometimes this may happen without our knowledge, such as when we drink too much.
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The force of a champagne cork can shatter glass--and it can also seriously injure your eye.

Warm bottles of champagne and improper cork-removal techniques cause serious, potentially blinding eye injuries each year. Champagne bottles contain pressure as high as 90 pounds per square inch--more than the pressure found inside a typical...
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Drinking Can SAVE Your Life

If you have a car accident and are taken to the hospital, you're less likely to die if you've been drinking (as long as you weren't drinking so much that it CAUSED the accident!) It turns out that injured patients are less likely to die in the hospital if they have alcohol in their blood, and the more alcohol, the more likely they were to survive...
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A Car That Won't Let You Drink and Drive

Engineers are working on a car that drives itself, but what may come first is a car that doesn't let YOU drive when you've had too much to drink.

In 1982, about 49% of drivers killed in car wrecks had blood-alcohol levels of 0.08 or higher. By 1994, that...
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The Problem Isn't Drinking & Driving

It's drinking & WALKING - At New Year's, we're all warned about drinking and driving, but the truth is that drinking and walking can be just as dangerous.

Researcher Thomas Esposito says, "Alcohol impairs your physical ability to walk AND to drive. It impairs your judgment, reflexes and coordination. It's nothing...

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New Year's Eve: What to Drink

And what NOT to! - When you're planning your New Year's Eve celebration, remember this: Drinking whiskey will give you a worse hangover than drinking vodka. If you're a man, maybe it's best to stick to beer: It's good for the prostate.

The reason whiskey is worse might lie in the number of "congeners" molecules in it,...

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Halt That Malt

It gets you drunk more slowly, but this might make you drink MORE - A new study suggests that people process malt liquor beverages differently than they do other alcoholic beverages. The researchers found a significant difference in how quickly people's bodies absorbed malt liquor beverages compared to beverages made of...

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Hangover Cures

The British Medical Journal reports that hangover curesdon't work. The scientists conducting the study say, "Ourfindings show no compelling evidence to suggest that anycomplementary or conventional intervention is effective fortreating or preventing the alcohol hangover." However, thereARE some steps you can take to mitigate the effects of...

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How to Drink

It turns out that the shape of the glass you're using has alot to do with how much alcohol you'll pour into it for a"normal" drink and thus with how much alcohol you'll bedrinking. According to a study printed in the BritishMedical Journal, people pour 20-30% more alcohol into short,wide glasses than they do into tall, narrow ones of the...

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Some Sins Should be Avoided

Newswise - Most of us plan to overeat during the Thanksgiving holidays.If you're worried about gaining weight, be sure to read AnneStrieber's diet book.Meanwhile, researchers have discovered that a protein foundin the brain is genetically linked to both alcoholism andanxiety. Sugar also helps alleviate stress. Sweets...

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Designated Drivers Don't Work

Some of the things we assume work well, really don't. For instance, cutting down on the number of cigarettes you smoke does not improve your health. And while beer ads on TV always push having a designated driver, who agrees not to drink alcohol so he can chauffeur everyone home, this does not prevent drunk driving because, according to...

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Booze Binges Cause Brain Damage

New research shows that rats given large bingeing doses of alcohol every eight hours for four consecutive days experienced brain damage. The area of the brain responsible for smell was damaged after only two days of heavy drinking and other regions were damaged after four days.

"This is a four-day model," says Fulton Crews, of the center...

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Booze Can Be Brain Food

New research suggests that drinking alcohol may reduce aging drinkers, including the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Although extreme alcohol consumption kills brain cells, scientists don't know if it has permanent effects on reasoning and memory. They do know that prolonged, excessive...
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