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Why We Hate Waiting in Line

These days, flying to another city or country involves a lot of waiting in line. First we wait in the TSA line, then--at the end of the trip--we wait in line to get our luggage. When Houston airport...
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What About Airport Germs?

As if X-rays weren't enough, we have to take our shoes off in an airport. Do we pick up dangerous germs if we've forgotten to wear socks? And what about those bins--is the TSA line going to replace...
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Airports Make it Rain

We've told you why, if you live in a city, it always rains on the weekends. Now we're warning you again: If you're thinking of moving to a home or office near your...
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Are We Secure?

If you're getting ready to fly home for Christmas, you have to ask yourself this: Are airport scans and pat downs making us safer or playing into the hands of terrorists? Are they even...
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Airport Scanners Unsafe

Scientists used to tell us that airport scanners deliver a low dose of X-rays and were therefore perfectly safe, however not all of them agree. Some researchers think they can lead to skin cancer because most of the energy from the scanners is delivered to the skin and underlying...
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Don't Miss This Incredible New Insight!

In his incredible new Insight, futurist John L. Petersen, of the Arlington Institute (who has written an earlier Insight as well) addresses the new TAS...
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