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The Mystery of Missing Flight MH370 - Plane Did Not Crash Into The Sea, Says Airline Boss

Seven months after the Malaysian airline flight 370 went missing without a trace, the mystery surrounding its disappearance is no closer to being solved.

Until now, the most widely-held belief is that some sort of incident occurred onboard, causing the plane to be placed on autopilot until it finally crashed into the Indian Ocean, but...
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Does The World Need To Prepare For Another "9-11?"

Some sources in the world's media are reporting the chilling news that jihadists have stolen several commercial airliners.

With the anniversary of one of the world's worst terrorist attacks looming on September 11th, itself involving the use of stolen airplanes, the possibility of the planes being used as part of a new and equally...
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Men and Women Travel Differently

If you're flying during the holiday season, this is something you should know. And it doesn't just apply to tourists: As more women travel for business, these differences are being noticed by both airlines and hotels. While men still outnumber women frequent fliers, it's getting close to half and half.

Men complain that women pack...
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What We Hate About Holiday Travel

The holidays are here, and many of us are traveling to see family and friends for Christmas. We've begun to dread those TSA lines that involve the scan and the pat down, being...
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One Enduring Legacy of 9/11

Despite some doubts about what really happened on September 11, 2001, we all appreciate...
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Why We Hate Waiting in Line

These days, flying to another city or country involves a lot of waiting in line. First we wait in the TSA line, then--at the end of the trip--we wait in line to get our luggage. When Houston airport...
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Now the TSA Can Check Your Molecules Before You Fly

The Department of Homeland Security will soon be using a laser at airports that can detect everything about you from over 160 feet away. It can actually read you on a molecular level (in case you're hiding something in your genes?)

It will be able to read your adrenaline levels (measuring your level of tension and excitement), as...
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Mystery Object Menaces Two Planes

First, a pilot flying west of Denver reported a mystery object near his plane. The FAA dismissed the report. Now, a US Air crew reported a "flare-like" object near their plane over Philadelphia. How long can they deny this?

The FAA is investigating a corporate jet pilot's radio...
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Your Next Flight May be Piloted From the Ground

As this is posted, Iran claims to have shot down a drone that was spying on their nuclear facilities. When we finally leave Iraq, will we be able to put some of the technology we...
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Airport Body Scanners Causing Cancer in TSA Employees has just obtained documents they requested in a FOIA lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security, documenting the radiation risks of TSA's airport body scanner program. These documents include agency emails...
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Why Don't Airplanes Flap Their Wings?

Ten years from now, when you go to the airport, you may see planes that actually FLAP THEIR WINGS.

A research team at NASA has created a futuristic plane concept of a plane that flies just like a bird. It will arch its broad wings up and then flap them down in one continuous, fluid motion. There will be no turbines, propellers, flaps or...

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What is Cracking Jet Windshields?

We recently reported that automobile windshields are made differently than the side windows of cars, which is why people are getting skin cancer on the left sides of their faces. Now Airplane windshields, which are designed to remain intact during even the most extreme conditions, are showing a mysterious weakness. A number of planes in flight...

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Airplane Air is Bad for You

Newswise - As many of us get ready to take planes during the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, during the season of colds and flu, we become concerned about the spread of infectious diseases in-flight. It's an increasingly familiar experience to be healthy when you board a plane and start to develop disease symptoms a few hours...

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A Movie Could Cause Your Plane to Crash

It's not only dangerous to use your cell phone in flight, it may also be dangerous to watch a movie. Gary Stoller writes in USA Today that in March, a Boeing 757 had to return to a U.S. airport when smoke started coming out of an in-flight entertainment system, and another system's wiring may have caused a Swissair crash in 1998.


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Is Airplane Water Safe to Drink?

Most of us drink bottled water or sodas when we fly, but sometimes we use water from the airplane lavatory to take a pill or brush our teeth. Airlines insist this water is safe, but recent studies found dangerous things lurking in the tank water, including E. coli, the germ that causes Legionnaire?s disease, Salmonella, Staphylococcus and tiny...

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Plane Travel Makes You Sick

You may be sick of the long lines and detailed inspectionsat airports these days, but you can get really sick when youfinally get on the plane. A study by scientists in theUnited States finds that one in five passengers becomes illafter flying, and the figure is even higher for people whotake long flights.

John Balmes, of the University...

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