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Birds Dropping Dead Again, This Time in Canada

Once again, birds are mysteriously dropping out of the sky dead, and, as always, the media treats it as if this continuing mystery is happening for the first time. This time, the mystery is unfolding in Winnepeg, Manitoba in Canada. Roughly 40 dread grackles were collected last Wednesday and given to the province's chief veterinarian. 20...
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Birds Falling Out of the Sky

Is this a return to Aflockalypse? It's happened before, and this time it happened along a highway in California: Over 100 dead birds were...
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Fertilizer Company Poisoning Birds

Here's a possible cause of the aflockalypse: The company that makes Scotts Miracle-Gro fertilizer for your lawn could also be killing your songbirds.

Scotts pled guilty to charges that they illegally put insecticides into its "Morning Song" and "Country...
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Aflockalypse Again

Hundreds of dead starlings dropped from the sky in Laurel, Maryland recently. This isn't the first time something like this has happened. This time, the mass deaths are being blamed on everything from...
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Another Genocide in Nature

First it was birds falling out of the sky and hundreds of dead fish washing up on beaches. Now the pine trees in Montana are dying. There may be no Christmas trees in Montana next year. On, Laura Zuckerman quotes...
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