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Subliminal Messages in the Media: How Prevalent - and Dangerous - Are they?

In the news today: a Japanese woman has just divorced her husband because...he didn't like the Disney movie "Frozen."

This bizarre snippet of news inspires the question: why has this movie inspired such global acclaim, even bordering on obsession in some? Has Disney imbued it with hidden, subliminal messages?
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It Will Always be With Us

But it will be DIFFERENT - It may be hard to believe, but it's true: In a large leap from their Communist past, the Russians once suggested putting advertising displays in space, where they could be seen worldwide. So far, the only advertising we see when we look up at the sky is a blimp or a skywriting plane. But all that may...

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Ad Talk

The holiday season is almost over, and desperate retailers are bombarding us with advertisements that most of us can't afford to take advantage of. One of their most popular inducements is to try to get us interested in the latest fad.

Fadshave been a staple of American pop culture for decades, from spandex in the 1980s to skinny jeans...

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The Terrible Influence of TV

Where is the helpful husband? Not on TV! If women find their husbands reluctant to fold the laundry or wash the dishes, they may want to hide the television remote. And have you noticed that advertisers are targeting pre-adolescent girls, trying to sell them make-up and scanty clothing?

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Brand Name Buzz

Scientists have discovered that brand name products have a greater impact on our brains than similar, generic items, because brand names engage the "emotional," right-hand side of the brain. Our brains don't process all types of words in the same way. Head injury patients can often match a person's name to a photo, while common words like "...

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Subliminal Message Found to Work

For years, advertisers have been telling us that subliminal messages really don't work. Think again. Takeo Watanabe and his colleagues at Boston University believe that subconscious learning is possible and that it may affect our conscious decisions without our realizing it.

They found that people who watched a pattern of subliminal dot...

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