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Acupuncture is an Effective Alternative to Codeine

 In February 2013, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned the use of codeine as a pain-reliever for children after tonsillectomies. Doctors were forced to look for a safer alternative, and have looked to the ancient art of acupuncture to provide an viable substitute.

A recent study, conducted by Dr. James Ochi, used...
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Is Acupuncture Real or Fake?

Three types of acupuncture therapy, an individually tailored program, standard therapy and a simulation involving toothpicks at key acupuncture points, are equally effective for chronic low back pain, even though the third option is probably only a placebo. How can we tell what's real and what's fake?

Researcher Daniel Cherkin says, "...

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Science Investigates at the Edge

Is a acupuncture just a placebo? Scientists think it may convince people that it's making them better?so it does. They can't figure out how else it could work. In the recent movie "21 Grams," a narrator says that people who have been weighed just before and after death have been found to have lost 21 grams (less than an ounce), so that must be...

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