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If Warp Drive is Possible, Visitors are Here

Scientists ignore the evidence of visitors to our planet on the assumption that the distances between stars are so great they they could never get here, but new research suggests that something like a 'warp drive' may be possible. If so, then the argument is over. The overwhelming evidence of credible UFO sightings and witness testimony must...
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Evidence of an ET Machine?

A reflecting nebula in the constellation Orion NGC 1999 shows a black cloud near its center. SETI's chief scientist, Seth Shostak, thinks suggests these should be studied in the search for...
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What Do Presidents Know About ETs?

Do US Presidents know a lot more about ETs than they're willing to admit? Retired New Hampshire state representative Henry McElroy Jr., says that former President Dwight D. Eisenhower had 3 meetings with what...
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Why Contact May Have Failed

Our Milky Way galaxy is so big and so old--it contains at least 100 billion planets--so aliens should have visited us by now (Whitley Strieber thinks THEY HAVE!) This is what's known as the Fermi Paradox.

In Discovery News, Ray Villard talks about science fiction writer Karl Schroeder,...
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Prediction: Aliens Will be Here in 20 Years

Disclosure may not be coming, but this may become irrelevant, if the aliens themselves...
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